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Rough times demand greater support

Letter to the Editor | Friday, September 22, 2006

In response to Tom, Ricky, Tom, Rick and Kenny’s letter (“Football is about victories,” Sept. 21):

First off, let me say how cute it is that it took all five of you just to write one letter to Viewpoint. As far as the content of your group work, you shouldn’t walk out on something that you love just because they fail once.

Tom, Ricky, Tom and Rick, if you found out that Kenny had a drug problem, would you kick him out of your little love pentagon, leave him all alone, and just hope he gets back on his feet all by himself? No -you would stick with him and help him through his rough times.

The student section that stayed Saturday was not there cheering blindly for our team just to “have fun and hear the band play” even though we were losing. We remained there to show our team that even in the rough times, we still support them. We stayed there for our friends and classmates who are on the team. We stayed to show that we believe they will win the next game, even though this one didn’t go as planned. 80,000 people don’t pack the stadium every week just to watch their team win; they come to help their team win by showing their support for something they care about. If somewhere down the line, we happen to lose another home game, I hope the “Fab Five” doesn’t walk out on something they claim to love.

Tom Martin


Siegfried Hall President

Sept. 21