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Take charge, serve

Observer Viewpoint | Monday, September 11, 2006

The two letters by Clare Feeney bring a broader point to light that needs to be asked: who decides the foreign policy of the United States? Both Bushes were Yale alumni, and the Vietnam War was run by the “Beltway Chapter of the Harvard Alumni Association.” Freshman year, a professor of mine challenged us all, “There are two Yale alums running for President. When is the first Notre Dame president? I challenge you all to be that President.”

I extend a different challenge, as some have already taken on a belief that they are preordained to be that President. I challenge everyone to become a part of the elite in this nation – not of the business elite, but of the policy-making elite. Notre Dame graduates are known for being leaders in service and volunteerism. While so many students in The Bubble are being disillusioned with government’s waste and special interest pandering, why don’t we enter the government ourselves, as a group, becoming the policy and party elites, making decisions that affect the course of the nation for the better? For myself, I challenge Notre Dame students not to necessarily become President, but to be involved in the political process, so that government may be directed not for the benefit of the few, but for the common good of the majority of Americans and for the impoverished in this nation. We are among the best and brightest in America, and so I ask: what is our answer to the Kennedy challenge, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country?” We hear and answer so many calls to service while we are here at Notre Dame, but what better way to affect widespread change and answer the call to service after we graduate than through the government? I challenge you all to join me in working to change the government in order to serve all the people, and not just the privileged few.

Greg Dwoarjan


Morrissey Hall

Sept. 7