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Advertising not only issue

Letter to the Editor | Tuesday, October 3, 2006

I am writing to thank Ms. Gragg, for her Oct. 3 letter in response to my opinion (“Walk the walk?”, Oct. 2) I did not say Notre Dame was losing its morals, I just asked the question. Her response clearly affirms my concerns and gives me just cause to further clarify my opinion.

First, I never stated that Notre Dame was in any way responsible for these commercials. However, the fact that there was no objection, or hint thereof, from our university to ABC I do find disappointing.

Second, the fact that many folks, did not even “see” or “recognize” these repeated commercials is of concern to me. Are we numb to these images/suggestions? As to the points related to watching this show: Electing to watch this show is entirely different than its message being thrown at unsuspecting folks via repeated commercials. The suggestion that we should just hide our eyes and our children’s eyes to watch Notre Dame football – is preposterous. Turning away and avoiding the evils in our society is exactly the apathy that I refer to. We, as Catholics, do not need to “just tolerate this and stop whining.” On the contrary, we should voice our opinion and work to change the society in which we live.

These types of ads have no place in primetime family television or anywhere near Notre Dame football. Finally, to deny the impact of television programming on our society is as na’ve as not understanding the dangers of second hand smoke, violent video games or the like. Media attacks on marriage, fidelity, etc. are hurting our society and should not be accepted. Using Notre Dame football, to “reach their audience” and promote this message in my humble opinion is flat out wrong. We are ND, and this is why we have a responsibility not only to volunteer in worthwhile causes, but walk with our faith in everything we do. I would encourage you to not give up and don’t accept these attacks, we can change the society within which we live. Next Sunday, say a rosary before Mass with your friends. This act will be much better preparation for Mass.

Mick Connors


Class of 1988

Oct. 3