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Bring back the good ol’ days

Letter to the Editor | Thursday, October 12, 2006

I have just read the Oct. 11 Letter to the Editor from Jeanine Sterling. She couldn’t have been more correct. When I arrived on campus in September 1969 the first pep rally, other than the Dillon Rally, was an event that exploded. The band marched around the campus, and students followed like the children of Hamelin following the pied piper. Personalities like Rich “Jean Louie” Sherman and Mike “Tunes” Murphy made the rally an event not to be missed. The team was on the stage in Stepan. Sweat dripped from every body in the place. You could barely move, but you could yell and shout and cheer. Even if you couldn’t understand what Ara or Yonto or Kelly or Theisman or Zikas were saying, you knew it had to be the truth and to the detriment of whomever had the misfortune to play the Irish the next afternoon.

As you left, you knew that you had been a part of an event. You were at a level of preparation for the game that you felt you could have played. (Lucky for most of us that there was still 17 or 18 hours before the start of the game!) I know. I’m just another alum (triple domer) reminiscing about “the good ole days” when we walked five miles uphill both ways in the snow to class in September. I know things change. But do they have to change that much? A ’70 Dodge Challenger is still a great car … or a ’68 Camaro. That’s why Dodge is bringing back the Charger (and the Challenger). That is why there are so many covers of the songs that were new back when pep rallies were pep rallies. If it works for music and cars, why not pep rallies? Go ahead. Ask Coach Weis about the rallies. Then bring them back!

Bob Scott


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