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Candy cravings

Liz Harter | Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Leaves crunch underfoot, ghouls and goblins run amuck in neighborhoods, jack o’ lanterns glow from front porches and mom’s chicken noodle soup simmers on the stove. There’s only one time of year that all of these things come together, and today is that day – it’s Halloween.

There are two questions that you have to ask yourself on Halloween. First, what are you going to dress up as? And the second, which is more important, are you too old to trick-or-treat?

Now, I’m going to assume that since you are reading this you are at least college-age or older, and it’s a little weird to see adults trick-or-treating unless they are standing behind a little princess or a scary monster who is knocking on doors. So unless you have found yourself a small child that you have bribed into splitting half of their candy with you in exchange for taking them trick-or-treating you’re going to have to satisfy your sweet tooth by providing your own candy.

With all the different kinds of sweets being sold (half price or less tomorrow) I’m here to provide you with a little guide so you can get exactly the right candy to fulfill your cravings:

uCandy corn – The ever-present Halloween garnish. This tri-colored candy is perfect if you want something sweet but not fruity or chocolatey. They’re also a low budget addition to any vampire costume … and you can eat your fangs at the end of the night.

uTwix – This is the perfect candy if you’re looking for something crunchy, caramelly and chocolatey. The bite-sized version sold in 20 count bags are best when stored in a refrigerator because the caramel hardens which provides a contrast to the crunchy cookie (the same goes for Rolos as well).

uLaffy Taffy – Each flavor (banana, strawberry, grape, apple and blue raspberry) of these sugar-filled candies packs their own punch. This is the best candy to quell both a craving for something gummy and fruity.

uHalloween peeps – If you’re looking for something with sweet, but don’t necessarily want a candy bar you can always get some Peeps. Branching out from the usual Easter bunnies and chickens, the Just Born candies now come in Halloween, Valentine’s Day and Christmas shapes. Grab yourself some pumpkins, cats or ghosts and savor the sugary goodness that you can only find four times a year.

I hope you find that perfect candy to enjoy tonight, and watch a little TV or listen to some Halloween-themed music if you get a chance. You might come across “It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown” – always a classic – or be scared by Vincent Price’s voice, coming through strong in Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.”