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Ignorance surfaces in classroom

Letter to the Editor | Tuesday, October 24, 2006

On the last day of classes before break, I met my roommate in physics. She seemed distraught, not last-day-of-mid-terms distraught, but more I’m-not-sure-whether-to-laugh-or-cry distraught. She then recounted the events of her philosophy class that day. In a discussion on communism, my roommate made a contribution. She was then opposed by the next student who prefaced his comment by insulting her, stating that he would have expected such a simplistic view from an athlete. For my roommate, who is already economic in her contributions to discussions, this student’s power trip effectively hushed her. It is unfortunate that not all Notre Dame students are as self-assured in discussion as the young man who silenced my roommate. I do not care what his point was exactly because his self-assurance was negated by his blatant ignorance. Clearly, this man was quite the inter-disciplinary scholar to have established such a correlation between physical ability and intellect – a correlation which he was unable to argue his point on communism without. I sincerely hope that this young man’s preface is not one frequently faced by student-athletes, and I am disappointed by his arrogance. By insulting some of the most industrious students on campus to bolster his ego, he perpetuated his own futile attitude. There is no space for that type of attitude here. He should be appreciative of his victim’s tact.

Trish Hughes



Oct. 21