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A woman’s view on Plan B

Letter to the Editor | Tuesday, November 7, 2006

I would like to add a female voice to the discussion concerning Plan B. In Andrew Rosatostates’ Letter to the Editor (“Plan B

destroys embryo in some cases,” Nov. 3), he writes, “Taking Plan B causes the destruction of a human embryo in those cases where it prevents its implantation.” The use of the word “destruction” is a bit strong. If Plan B were a pill full of microscopic men with machetes and machine guns being transported directly to the uterus with the sole purpose of mutilating a fertilized egg, then “destruction” might be appropriate. But from my understanding, that is not the case.

Emergency contraceptives are to be used in case of an emergency (what a concept). Condoms fail. The pill fails. Furthermore, aren’t those also ways of preventing pregnancy? Plan B is the second choice to preventing pregnancies when previous efforts break or when your mother-in-law manipulates your birth control pill a la Desperate Housewives.

The distributors of Plan B do not deny the possibility of preventing the implantation of an embryo in the uterus, therefore neither will I. They do, however, confess that there is no evidence proving that Plan B will harm the fetus (nor the woman, but she’s usually not the issue in these arguments) during early pregnancy. You see, friends, an embryo is not a pregnancy until it is implanted in the uterus. An abortifacient is something that terminates a pregnancy, not something that prevents an embryo from attaching to the uterus. So, riddle me this: Doesn’t every embryo have the same possibility of not implanting, with or without the super dose of hormones?

Pregnancy is such a fickle thing; sometimes it lasts nine months, sometimes it doesn’t. When attacking Plan B, please keep in mind that the Food and Drug Administration and the manufacturers of Plan B are required to state that it may prevent implantation. There is no indisputable video evidence for either side, thus the call on the field must stand. This is the same FDA that has to warn you that your Viagra may cause blindness. But, then again, what do I know? I’m just a woman and it’s just my body.

Renee Woodward

Junior Women’s Studies Major

Saint Mary’s College

Nov. 3