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Da bums’ threw themselves out

Letter to the Editor | Sunday, November 12, 2006

All in all, I don’t really agree with Gary Caruso’s column (“Throwing ‘da bums’ out of Congress,” Nov. 10). Caruso lists several reasons for why the voters of this country wanted a change, and none of them are right. About three weeks ago, I got a letter from the Jackson County Circuit Clerk Office containing my absentee ballot. I performed my civic duty with a smile on my face and sent my ballot back to Mississippi.I, like most Americans, was watching some of the election coverage on the television when my dad called me to tell me for whom he had voted. Indeed, he had written in our dog for United States Senator and a coworker of his for United States Congressman. It got me laughing at first, but then I began to wonder how many other people felt like this. True that the Bush tax cuts have helped foster economic growth and unemployment rates continue to drop, but this administration continues to spend and spend. True that intelligence is getting better against a formidable enemy, and we are stopping terror plots, but this administration refuses to look to our border and secure it for the safety of the citizens and legal aliens of this country. True that people who have been involved in scandal and corruption are brought to justice, but this administration refuses to prosecute those people who circumvented through national security leaks.I remember voting in 2002 and again in 2004 with so much hope for what could have been. The conservative agenda came a long way, but it didn’t go far enough. So when it came time to vote, we didn’t throw ‘da Republican bums’ out of Congress; they did it themselves.

Bob Polchowgrad studentoff campusNov. 10