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Exciting sites around the Bend

Rosemary Walsh | Wednesday, November 8, 2006

After spending the summer in the city that most of us only call home for nine months, I have come to realize that South Bend is much more than just the home of the Fighting Irish. Rather, South Bend is the home to many unique treasures that are often left unexplored by us part-time residents. When dorm parties, the bar scene – or lack thereof – and the cold weather get old, start exploring the city of South Bend.

Because I, too, have fallen victim to boredom in South Bend, I want to offer you a list of places to spend some time discovering and believe me, they have more to offer than just the usual Notre Dame paraphernalia.

Some of the unique places that I have visited include the beautiful diamond of Coveleski Stadium, the home of the South Bend Silverhawks. A personal favorite of mine, Dollar Mondays bring in a wide array of baseball fans.

From the casual baseball fans who are drawn in by the dollar tickets and the dollar hot dogs, to the diehard Silverhawks fans – yes, there actually are some who know the lineup – this evening at the ball park is a guaranteed good time.

To get a little culture, be sure to visit one of my favorite restaurants on McKinley Avenue called Mazatlan. With wonderful authentic Mexican food, Mazatlan is staffed by waiters from various countries in South America.

Although I wonder how in the world they heard of South Bend, Ind., and even more, why they decided to move here, I am thankful for the wonderful Larissa Quesadillas and suggest them to all.

And now for the grand finale: my all time favorite, The View. Located on Jefferson Blvd, this establishment, which opened in the 1920s, is the home of the ghost Marley and delicious cheeseburgers. During prohibition, it is rumored that seven people were assassinated here. But don’t let this scare you from venturing into this small, quaint bar.

The deals are reason enough to visit. On Tuesdays, burgers and pitchers are $2.50 each. If this does not bring you in, the townies will offer you plenty of entertainment and wonderful stories as well.

Just remember when visiting The View there are four rules on the jukebox that apply to all. No Rap. No Heavy Metal. No Refunds. And No Whining.