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Alums deserve tickets too

Letter to the Editor | Tuesday, December 5, 2006

I am writing this letter to respond to the request of Mr. Mueller (Dec. 4, “Parents deserve tickets”) to give parents more football tickets. While I could not agree more that parents make a football weekend complete, I have to say that I think maybe Mr. Mueller does not realize how few tickets even alumni receive. The fact is that while I enjoy watching our team even when we aren’t the best, everyone (including me) is going to be more interested when the team is in the top 10. There are only so many tickets to go around. I got shafted this year, so did my friends. In fact I think most alumni under the age of 30 got shafted. You have to put in your dues before you can expect tickets. And, it is true that money talks to the administration. But, when you graduate and try to compare Notre Dame to other universities you’ll find there is no basis. Notre Dame can continue to up my minimum annual donation necessary to obtain tickets because I’ll pay it and you, the current student, will benefit. Give the guys in the dome a break – they are trying to keep Notre Dame on top.

Carrie Graf


Class of 2005

Dec. 4