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Parents deserve tickets

Letter to the Editor | Monday, December 4, 2006

With respect to the new football ticket policies effective next season, it is inexcusable that the University punish parents of students due to the high demand of requested football tickets. Understandably, the alumni have a vested interest in our university and its football program, and as such, they deserve access to the games. That access, though, should not come at the expense of parents who have been so supportive and faithful to our university over the years.

Alumni are required to donate money to our university to be eligible for tickets, and it is difficult to overlook this fact in the new ticketing policies. Alumni who donate a predetermined amount of money are eligible for tickets, and as more demand indicates, more money from more alumni is being donated each year. Intuitively, it appears that the university is replacing emptied pockets with juicy football tickets.

However, I believe I can accurately speak for my peers when I say that our parents are spending thousands of dollars funding our education at our university. Our parents are making daily sacrifices to give us the best chance of success both for now and the future. If money is the issue, than how can parents be the ones who suffer from the new policies?

Where was the alumni demand three or four years ago when our football team was struggling to maintain a .500 record? Are the alumni only willing to support our team when the team has a chance to qualify for a BCS bowl? Parents have always supported our team, have always proudly traveled to South Bend to watch the games and spend time with their children. The football team was always good enough for the parents. Surely the new ticket policies cannot be a function of passion for the team.

Biologically, our university would not even exist without parents. It goes without saying that no parents equal no students, and no students equal no university and no alumni. Certainly, the role of parents goes beyond the mere fiscal or passion arguments from above. Consequently, any ticket allocation method that affects the parents seems unfounded and unfair. I challenge Director of Ticket Operations Josh Berlo, and those responsible for this new ticket policy to create a system that does not inhibit the ability to purchase tickets of parents simply due to high demand. Thank you in advance for your time and thoughtful consideration.

Chris Mueller


Siegfried Hall

Nov. 30