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Death penalty debate

Letter to the Editor | Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Norman Timberlake lives each day with the belief that he is being tortured by a machine. He thinks that this machine is trying to kill him in order to prevent word of its existence from spreading. This, he believes, is one of the two main reasons why the state of Indiana will be executing him this Friday at midnight

Norman Timberlake is a sick, deluded man who perpetrated a terrible crime, shooting and killing Indiana State Trooper Michael E. Greene in 1993. However, his death will not bring healing, happiness or any improvement to our society. Instead we will all be left standing with the knowledge that the government killed someone who has been rendered harmless for over a decade. We will know that, on our behalf, they marched him down a hallway, strapped him to a gurney and injected him with chemicals that paralyzed his lungs and heart, killing him. This will be done for us because the government believes that this is what we want and that this is what is best for society.

We at ND ASK will be sending a loud, clear message to Governor Mitch Daniels and the state of Indiana that we refuse to have Norman Timberlake’s blood on our hands and death on our conscience. We will be standing outside of Michigan City Prison at the time of Timberlake’s execution and we will make it known that we do not condone state-sponsored execution of criminals. We invite all who are interested to join us in our vigil and encourage everyone who may be interested in finding out more about this event to contact us as [email protected]

We hope that you join us in ensuring that the upcoming execution is the last in the state of Indiana and working towards a more humane, fair and rational justice system.

Will McAuliffe

Co-Director of Notre Dame Against State Killing


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Jan. 17