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Group passes Domer Dollars resolution

Kaitlynn Riely | Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Student Senate unanimously passed a resolution Wednesday that asked the University to review the Domer Dollar card swipe systems on campus.

The resolution – prepared by Residence Life chair Pat Knapp and Alumni Hall senator Danny Smith for his Campus Life Council (CLC) Student Concerns task force – identified occasional service interruptions in the card swiping system.

The resolution said students should have access to a service for which they have already paid. To avoid problems with the wording of the resolution, Knapp said he has already spoken with all the parties involved.

“We structured it in such a way that we communicated with the CLC and the administrators first and then went back and worked on the language on it and talked to pretty much everyone who would be effected – the stakeholders,” Knapp said.

The resolution asked that the Department of Food Services work with the Office of Information Technologies and the Vending Software Company to allot resources to make the card swipe systems reliably accept Domer Dollars.

“We would like the administration to conduct a study or review, whatever you want to call it, to determine the best way to fix the system per [Vending Operations Manager] Dean Winter’s and [Director of Food Services] David Prentkowski’s recommendations and then implement those recommendations,” Knapp said.

The resolution will be presented to the CLC for approval Feb. 5.

Since the resolution was passed with little debate, most of the meeting was spent on committee reports and Senate administrative business.

Student body president Lizzi Shappell, vice president Bill Andrichik and chief executive assistant Liz Brown said they are preparing their report to the Board of Trustees next Thursday. The report will focus on four main areas – the upcoming community summit, the eating disorders conference, alumni-student relations initiatives and follow-up on the status of the College Readership Program, Shappell said.

Siegfried senator Jim Lockwood asked Shappell whether the program could provide more New York Times papers and fewer editions of The Chicago Tribune and USA Today. Lockwood also asked about the possibility of adding The South Bend Tribune to the program. Shappell said she would consider these suggestions.

“We wanted to do a full year of the College Readership Program as it is and then we will reevaluate it,” she said.

Gender Issues chair Ashley Weiss said right now it’s “crunch time” for her committee’s work on the eating disorders conference that will take place Feb. 8-10. Her committee is now working on advertising and finalizing the paperwork for the event, she said.

Andrichik asked the senators to remind people that, although the conference is free for Notre Dame students, they should still register on the Center for Continuing Education’s Web site.

Minority Affairs committee chair Destinee DeLemos said she is working with the College of Arts and Letters to explore the creation of a Native American studies minor.

Since Dillon Hall senator Tyler Langdon left this semester to study abroad, the CLC lost one of its Senate liaisons. Lockwood was elected as the new liaison and Pasquerilla East senator Emily Cooperstein was selected as the alternate.