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McAlarney suspension justified

Letter to the Editor | Wednesday, January 24, 2007

In the article regarding Kyle McAlarney’s suspension for two semesters (Jan. 24, ‘University suspends McAlarney’), I find the statements by his mother to be a bit disturbing. All Notre Dame students – athlete or not – are given a thorough description of du Lac. Each student is given an orientation of du Lac and knows what the rules at Our Lady’s University are and what is expected of each individual. You may argue the point that in your opinion the punishment may not fit the crime, but that decision is for University officials to make. Stating that the University is using this individual to make an example out of is ridiculous. The University did not make the error in judgment to possess the substance, the individual did. I do understand the feelings that are being expressed by the individual’s mother, however – to make allegations that are inaccurate and sound more like excuses to try and cover up the mistake that was initially made. A Notre Dame student, athlete or not, is subject to the rules in du Lac – period. Notre Dame is in the spotlight 24/7 and actions that are taken by our family members make headlines internationally. We are scrutinized far more than any other school I have ever seen. Therefore, it is of high importance that such matters be addressed by the University in an appropriate manner and whether the individual or his parents agree with the decision, it is the consequence to the action. In this case, the University is handling the situation with the individual and dealing with someone who broke the rules of du Lac. I understand how difficult this must be for the individual and his family; however, the University should not be targeted for doing its job.

Lucy LopezClass of 1996Tampa, Fla.Jan. 24