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Bengal Bouts: Creighton’s speed catches Laughlin off balance

Bill Brink | Friday, February 23, 2007

James “Turkey” Creighton was too quick for Paul “The General” Laughlin, taking the first win of the 163 lb. weight division. Creighton took over the first round, twice peppering Laughlin with flurries of punches. Laughlin was unable to land many punches, becoming flustered after being hit. Laughlin’s form broke down in the second round, and he was unable to protect himself. In the third round, Laughlin again started fast, but sloppy footwork kept him from getting anything going. Creighton’s combination of body and head shots kept Laughlin off balance.

Brian Marek def. Alex Moore The match started quickly, each fighter sacrificing his body in order to throw as many punches as possible. The boxers settled down, but Marek was the more aggressive of the two, backing Moore around the ring.In the third round, Moore found his jab, but a right hook from Marek caused him to stumble. At this point, the referee stopped the fight.

Matt Kernan def. Sean McFarlaneForm was sacrificed for enthusiasm in the first round as fighters threw any semblance of a punch they could muster. McFarlane got the early advantage, twice knocking Kernan off his balance. Kernan had the better form in the third round and landed a few head shots, but McFarlane’s rough style caused Kernan problems. Although backed up against the ropes, Kernan landed a head shot to back McFarlane up. He went on to land two more successive head shots, draining McFarlane of any energy he once had.

Matt Gimlett def. Frank DiRocco Gimlett was quick with his punches in the first round, but failed to land any big hits. DiRocco landed a good body shot in the beginning of the second round and pressured Gimlett more, but Gimlett countered with his quick jab. Neither fighter could land much near the end of the round.Gimlett’s footwork made it difficult for DiRocco to get a bead on him, but DiRocco caught up.

Nazur “Naz Tee Nasty” Ahmed def. Dan “Dante’s Inferno” MurphyAhmed pushed Murphy against the ropes again and threw every punch he had at him, but Murphy came out of it and landed three successive right hooks. The second round was more of the same. Ahmed, visibly bleeding, would force Murphy to the ropes, but Murphy would land a head shot to free himself. Ahmed’s smaller size hindered him in the third round; most of his punches were thrown at Murphy’s chest level, allowing Murphy a clear path to his head.

Patrick “The Chicago Drago” Salvi def. Tristan “The Mountain Man” Hunt The first round was a defensive struggle as neither fighter was able to land a decisive shot or form a combo. Late in the round, pressure by Salvi forced Hunt off-balance, and he fell to the canvas.In the second round, Salvi had the advantage, forcing Hunt around the ring until finally landing a straight shot to the face sending him to the ground. Another shot to the face knocked Hunt to the canvas a final time, forcing the referee to end the fight.

Alex “Spider Monkey” Duffy def. Kevin ArcherThe fight was aggressive and evenly matched in the first round, with both boxers landing big head shots. At one point, Archer had Duffy wrapped up, but Duffy landed three straight head shots to separate himself. Neither fighter could protect himself in the second round, but it was Duffy who landed the crucial head shot. The blow made Archer woozy, causing him to stumble around and forcing the referee to stop the fight.

165 lbs.

Jeff “Delaware Destroyer” Skorup def. Aidan “Boximus Maximus” McKiernanMcKiernan seemed to have the early advantage, peppering Skorup with head shots, but Skorup caught him straight in the face, causing McKiernan to fall backwards. Neither fighter was concerned with defending himself; both let their gloves fall to chest level. Skorup came out firing in the second round, forcing McKiernan against the ropes and landing four straight head shots before the referee stopped the fight.

Matt “I’m Gonna” Decker def. Andrew “Make It Rain” WhitingAlthough Decker was quicker, Whiting’s footwork helped him avoid Decker’s attacks until midway through the third round, when Decker caught him on the side of the head. Decker’s jab gave Whiting problems in the second round, breaking Whiting’s defenses and opening the door for the right cross. Whiting landed some solid jabs of his own, but was unable to control the direction of the fight.Decker started the third round with a jab to Whiting’s face, but Whiting, unfazed, continued to jab. Joe “The Red Rocker” Langenfeld def. Andrew “OD” O’DonnellNeither fighter had a decisive advantage in the first round. O’Donnell once put Langenfeld on the ground, but it was the result of a shove rather than a punch.In the second round, Langenfeld took the early lead, landing many shots to the head. O’Donnell, unable to protect himself, repeatedly shoved Langenfeld. O’Donnell continued attacking Langenfeld, but lacked good enough form to land punches.

Joe Raupp def. Daniel “El Volcan” Salas Raupp won the contest in a unanimous decision. Raupp struck first, landing a left to the face, which set up a flurry of combinations against the ropes. After ducking a combo from Salas, another left put Salas on the mat. Salas could not stop the jab in the first round, but remained in the fight, putting together some combos of his own.Raupp began to employ body shots in the third round, coupling those with head shots when Salas dropped his gloves.

Jon “Duck” Kelly def. David “D Gunz” WattelWattel’s unorthodox fighting style coupled with his shorter stature forced him to punch blindly at Kelly’s midsection while driving him backwards with his legs. At one point, Kelly stepped aside to dodge a punch and Wattel tumbled across the mat of his own accord. Kelly landed many punches on Wattel’s back, because that was all that was exposed to him.Three head shots in a row took the life out of Wattel, who was unable to land many punches in the third round.

Michael Smith def. Patrick “Q Ball” Martin Smith won the contest by unanimous decision and took control early, landing many strong head and body shots, including a head shot that forced Martin against the ropes. The quick combinations were difficult for Martin to counter.Smith dominated the first part of the second round, his combinations striking both Martin’s head and body. Martin fought back at the end of the round, however, dodging a cross and coming back with a few combinations of his own.

170 lbs.

Steve “Ogie” Hansen def. Tom “T-Time” Hoffman Hansen’s superior footwork and form gave him a slight advantage in the fairly even first round.In the third, Hansen unleashed a barrage of punches on Hoffman, but he eventually forced Hansen into the corner with sharp combinations. Hansen’s power proved to be too much in the end, and after Hoffman weathered many hard punches Hansen finally landed a head shot to put him on the mat, causing the referee to stop the fight.

Matthew Hopke def. Philip “Red Rose” KirchnerHopke started the first round with wild punches, but a good deal of them hit. In the second round, Hopke again came after Kirchner, showering him with head and body shots and forcing him to wrap up. Kirchner forced Hopke against the ropes and was able to land some stomach blows, but again had trouble protecting himself. Hopke landed a strong left hook to start the third round, but Kirchner came right back with his own combo.

Stephen Klein def. Nicholas Zehrbach Zehrbach had a longer wingspan, which he used to his advantage to keep Klein out of range.In the second round, Klein was able to get inside Zehrbach’s reach and land some head shots, at one point knocking Zehrbach off-balance. At the end of successive punches by both fighters, Klein caught Zehrbach with a right that sent him backwards into the ropes.

Jon “Trash Can!” Parry def. Bryan “The Mongoose” Grissinger A quick start saw Grissinger hit the mat, but bounce right back up and hit Parry with several body shots. Several seconds later, Grissinger sent Parry to the ground. Grissinger’s right hook helped him start the second round strong, but Parry battled back and landed successive head shots. Parry countered Grissinger’s right hook with his own in the third round, landing body shots to keep Grissinger from getting too close.

Craig “The Fire Sermon” Woelfel def. Andres VillalbaWoelfel started quickly, chasing Villalba around the ring and overpowering him into the ropes. Just as it looked like Woelfel would put him away, Villalba landed a right to force Woelfel away.In the second round, Villalba came out attacking Woelfel, landing quick shot after quick shot. Woelfel was taken aback, but fought back and landed a straight shot to Villalba’s face.

Joe “Joe-Pacalypse” Hagmann def. Kevin “The ‘Stache” Ludwig Hagmann had the advantage early, forcing Ludwig back on his heels with numerous quick punches. Hagmann again threw Ludwig off with his flurry of punches. Ludwig spent most of the round on the defensive, trying to find a spell between punches to put something together.The third round was much of the same. Hagmann landed a left to the side of Ludwig’s head that forced Ludwig to stumble, but Ludwig was able to keep fighting.

Ryan Simmons def. Jordan Bucci In a fight that could have gone either way, Simmons won in a split decision. Simmons’ quick jab and Bucci’s sharp right cross made the first round an even match. Bucci landed a strong right cross to Simmons’ face in the opening seconds of the second round, but Simmons quickly rebounded with a left of his own. Near the end, Bucci landed another right to the side of Simmons’ head, giving him control.

Conor McLaughlin def. Tom HardmanMcLaughlin took advantage of Hardman’s low defenses in the first round, landing strong rights to the head. Hardman fought back, forcing McLaughlin to cover as Hardman threw body shot after body shot. After numerous body shots from both fighters, Hardman landed a left to McLaughlin’s head midway through the second round. In the third round, McLaughlin threw a hard right a few seconds into the round, knocking Hardman to the mat for the win.

175 lbs.

Kevin “Aircraft” Carrier def. Charles “The Sicilian Southpaw” CossellCarrier quickly put Cossell against the ropes and hit him with three straight body shots, but Cossell fought back, slinging punches at Carrier from every angle. In the beginning of the second round, Cossell took advantage of his quicker style and forced Carrier up against the ropes. In the third round, both men started strong, firing punches at each other until eventually wrapping up against the ropes.

Mike Cimino def. Dan “The Danimal” Fallon Cimino caught Fallon with a hard hook to the side of the head early in the first round. Fallon fought back, catching Cimino with a body shot, then a head shot in the corner of the ring. Both fighters relied on their big right hooks to do their work for them, giving up on the jab entirely. The fighters started using their left jabs and hooks in the second round, the better to clear the path for their ever-present right crosses and hooks.