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Bengal Bouts: Eye of the Bengal

Joe Meixell | Friday, February 23, 2007

Nothing Corey “El Diablo Blanco” Betker did could stop Colin “The Flavor Station” Dougherty, who won in the opening fight of the 175 lbs. division Thursday.

Dougherty, a law student, started aggressively, landing punch after punch in the opening round. Betker, a senior from Morrissey, was able to counter with a few jabs but took a beating in the process.

Thirty seconds into the second round, the referee stopped the fight and awarded it to Dougherty.

Greg “Busta” Brown def. John “Nieves” Gleason

Brown defeated Gleason after just one round of aggressive fighting.

Brown, an off-campus senior, dominated the first round with his aggressive style. Gleason, a junior from Dillon, was unable to stop Brown’s punches to the face, bloodying Gleason’s nose. The referee stopped the fight after the lopsided opening round.

Scott Vitter def. John Williams

Vitter defeated Williams by unanimous decision after three intense rounds.

Vitter, a freshman from Alumni, and Williams, a junior from Fisher, fought a very even first round, both exchanging punches. In the second round the fight became a brawl, with both fighters tiring and letting down their defensive guards. Vitter opened the final round with a strong effort, landing multiple punches to the jaw of Williams. Both fighters ended a strong third round with blood dripping from their faces after a hard-fought battle.

Brian “The Candy Man” Kantor def. Andrew McConvey

Kantor defeated McConvey when the referee ended the fight after two rounds.

Both fighters came out swinging in a sloppy first round, with Kantor, a Keough sophomore, bloodying McConvey’s nose early in the round. McConvey, a freshman from Zahm, closed the first round with more patience – and blood seeping from his nose. Both fighters were more patient and defensive in a much cleaner second round, but McConvey’s bleeding nose caused the referee to end the fight at the round’s conclusion.

Brendan Neary def. Andrews “Rage” Massari

Neary defeated Massari in a unanimous decision after three rounds.

Alumni sophomores Neary and Massari fought a very clean first round, with both fighters holding up their defenses and throwing strategic blows. Both came out more aggressively in the second round, but Massari appeared to hold the advantage throughout. The third round was a very even contest, with both fighters showing incredible fitness and landing strong punches.


Dan Ward def. Patrick Allare

Ward defeated Allare after the referee stopped the fight before the start of the third round.

Both Ward and Allare fought a very technical first round, each boxer probing for the other’s weakness. In the second round, Ward, an off-campus senior, appeared to take control, drawing blood from Allare and temporarily stopping the fight. Allare, a Keenan sophomore, fought hard but was not allowed to continue after two hard-fought rounds.

Adam “Alpha Fox” Frisch def. Chris Schaal

Frisch, a senior from St. Edward’s, appeared to win the first round, landing many well-placed punches and staying out of reach of Schaal’s blows. The second round featured more of the same, with Schaal, a freshman from Dillon, unable to land a solid blow. Frisch stayed in control during the third round to ensure the victory.

Alex Lough def. Steve Gallagher

Lough appeared to be in control after a solid first round, taking advantage of Gallagher’s wild punches. Gallagher, a senior from Stanford, landed a few glancing blows in the second, but still seemed behind. Lough and Gallagher exchanged blows in the third round, with Gallagher taking the worst of the beating.

Tom Digan def. Ken Shamrell

Digan defeated Shamrell, a sophomore from Siegfried, after the referee stopped the match midway through the second round.

Digan, an off-campus senior, showed his intensity in the first round and landed many strong blows to Shamrell’s head. Digan began the second round with a huge right, knocking Shamrell off his feet. After Shamrell began bleeding from his nose, the referee ended the fight.

John Soltis def. Andy “Doogie” Houser

Midway through a seemingly even first round Soltis, a sophomore from Morrissey, landed a huge blow that knocked down Houser.

In the second round, Houser, a senior from Alumni, appeared to recover, trading blows in an even round. Soltis slipped near the beginning of the third, but quickly recovered to earn the win.

Rafael “Don’t Call Me Ralph” Diaz def. Moses “Chocolate Bear” Papier

In a clean first round, Morrissey sophomore Diaz seemed to be on top, evading many of Papier’s punches and drawing blood from his opponent’s nose. In the second round, Papier, an off-campus junior, was forced to stop temporarily as the bloody nose continued. Diaz continued to pound away at Papier’s face in the third, driving the referee to stop the match.

Leo Rubinkowski def. Adam “The Prosecutor” Pabarcus

Rubinkowski used his long reach to his advantage in the first round, landing a strong left hand that caused Pabarcus to stumble backward and lose his balance. Pabarcus, a senior from Keenan, repaid the favor to open the second, causing Rubinkowski to trip backwards. Rubinkowski recovered quickly, however, and still appeared to take the round. Rubinkowski dominated the third, drawing blood before the referee ended the match.


Andrew Lorenz def. Liam Moran

Lorenz defeated Moran, a senior from Alumni, after the referee called the match midway through the second round.

Lorenz, a sophomore from Fisher, appeared to win the first round, battering Moran with a flurry of punches before the bell.

Lorenz continued to dominate in the second round, landing a huge right hook that left Moran staggering against the ropes.

Spencer Feran def. Tim “Thin Lizzy” Chilcote

Feran defeated Chilcote by unanimous decision after three intense rounds.

Feran, an off-campus senior, appeared slightly ahead at the end of close first round. Chilcote, an off-campus graduate student, was unable to use his long reach in the second and spent most of his time avoiding Feran’s punches. Feran took total control in the third, trapping Chilcote in the corner and landing jab after jab to Chilcote’s midsection.

Karl Kadon def. Jason Miller

Kadon bullied Miller, an off-campus graduate student, around the ring in the first round, relentlessly pursuing his retreating opponent. An off-campus senior, Kadon remained on the offensive in a quieter second round. Miller began the third with an inspired effort, but could not do enough damage to Kadon to make up any ground.

Pat “Third Degree” Burns def. Raphael Flood

Burns won a very close match over Flood by split decision.

Flood, an off-campus law student, controlled the first round with a series of strong jabs. Burns, a freshman from Keenan, made up ground in the second with his agility, proceeding to knock Flood off balance near the end of the round. With Flood tiring in the third round, Burns appeared to be in control before a last-second knockdown by Flood.

Joe “The Unfriendly Possum” Siler def. Jerremy “The Mariachi” Moreno

In a very clean first round, neither fighter appeared to take the advantage. Moreno, a senior from Fisher, continued to hold his own in the second despite giving up a large advantage in height and reach. Both fighters traded punches in the final round of a match that came down to the final bell.

Chris Nanovic def. Tim “Silky Smooth” Latham

Nanovic, a senior from Alumni, appeared to hold a slight advantage after a sloppy first round. Latham, a Knott freshman, gained momentum in the second, effectively countering Nanovic’s blows. Nanovic came out very aggressively in the third, forcing Latham on the defensive and sealing the victory.

Super heavyweight

Mike Kaiser def. Ben “The Iceman” Frost

The first round was a defensive battle, with Kaiser holding Frost away with his long reach and taking a small advantage. Kaiser, a sophomore from Morrissey, continued to grind away while keeping Frost, a freshman from Dillon, at a safe distance. Frost landed several punches to the body in the third, but Kaiser was able to hold him off for the win.

Joe Vittoria def. Eamon Cantwell

Vittoria took control of the first round, landing strong blows over and over on Cantwell’s stomach and head. Cantwell, a graduate student, could not avoid Vittoria’s strong rights, and the second round again went to Vittoria. Cantwell continued to receive a battering early in the third until the referee stopped the fight.