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Bengal Bouts: Fight Night: Round Two

Fran Tolan | Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Senior Dan Ward unleashed a flurry of punches on Joshua Hammack late in the third round, before the fight was called by the referee Monday in the quarterfinals. Ward landed jab after jab in the opening round to set the tone for a fight he would later dominate. In the second, he unleashed several power punches on Hammack and the stage was set for the knockout.

Adam Frisch def. Alex Lough

Frisch, a senior, was the unanimous winner over the freshman Lough. The taller Frisch used his reach to keep Lough away from him throughout the match. Both fighters were tentative for much of the bout, but the lefty Frisch was able to land more punches in each round. Frisch and Lough danced around each other for much of the fight, with Frisch closing the gap several times to land quick combinations.

John Sultis def. Tom Digan

Sultis’ endurance allowed him to triumph over Digan in a split decision. Digan seemed to hold a slight edge after a first round in which both fighters came out swinging aggressively. But Sultis had more energy as the fight drew to a close. He landed several powerful punches late in the final round to help him notch the victory.

Leo Rubinkowski def. Rafael Diaz

Rubinkowski, a southpaw, was the unanimous winner over Diaz. Rubinkowski held a significant height advantage and was able to connect often while keeping Diaz at a considerable distance. Rubinkowski landed mostly stiff jabs to Diaz’s face and bloodied him before the conclusion of the first round. Diaz did not give in despite bleeding throughout the fight, but Rubinkowski’s reach ultimately gave him the edge.

Stu Stypula def. Andrew Lorenz

Stypula edged Lorenz in an offense-dominated fight. The boxers used the entire ring and connected frequently with each other from the outset of the bout. Lorenz attempted to overpower Stypula, but Stypula was the more technically sound fighter. At the end of the second round, Lorenz drove his opponent into a corner with a flurry of punches, but Stypula was able to pin Lorenz against the ropes with several combinations of his own. As the crowd roared, Stypula landed a variety of punches and carried the momentum into the decisive third round.

Karl Kadon def. Spencer Feran

Kadon took the early advantage and never relented, working Feran’s body and forcing him to drop his hands as the fight wore on. Kadon was able to land a variety of punches and scored enough points to record the unanimous victory.

Pat Burns def. Tim Rippinger

Burns knocked Rippinger to the canvas with a series of aggressive combinations in the third round, and recorded the knockout victory. Burns seemed tentative for much of the first two rounds against the southpaw Rippinger, but the freshman was able to land a series of punches in the final round to overpower the lefty.

Chris Nanovic def. Joe Siler

Nanovic proved to be the more technical and aggressive fighter against the slower Siler. Nanovic repeatedly landed powerful combinations and Siler turned his back at several points during the fight. During the second round, Siler was clearly rattled by a shot to the face and could never recover.

Tony Cunningham def. Michael Kaiser

Cunningham prevailed unanimously over Kaiser in a matchup in which no fighter took a clear advantage early. Both landed several combinations in each of the first two rounds. Cunningham, however, took over in the final round. Several power punches left Kaiser bloodied and helped Cunningham get the decision.

Geoff Spiess def. Matthew Bono

Spiess overpowered Bono with a series of one-two combinations in the third round, forcing the referee to stop the fight. Both fighters displayed good offensive technique but neither blocked many of the other’s punches. Ultimately, Spiess was able to punch out of any trouble he encountered and was aggressive enough to beat Bono.

Cole Davis def. Eric Retter

Davis was the split-decision winner over Retter in a closely contested fight. Early on, Retter was able to batter Davis’s body, but Davis landed many power punches to Retter’s face. The third round was sloppy as the fighters tired, but Davis launched several good combinations on his opponent.

Patrick McInerney def. Joe Vittoria

The two fighters used the entire ring throughout their matchup and displayed a lot movement. McInerney, who had a height advantage over his opponent, landed enough punches early in the match to overcome Vittoria’s aggressive third round. McInerney was the unanimous winner as he circled away from Vittoria and effectively used his jab to maintain the distance between the two fighters.