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Bengal Bouts: Gelchion pins Sayles against ropes for win

Bill Brink | Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Matt “Joltin” Gelchion’s speed and aggression were too much for Michael “Saylor” Sayles to overcome.Gelchion was on the attack for the entire first round, twice forcing Sayles against the ropes. Sayles’ defense was better in the second round, allowing him to block many of Gelchion’s jabs, but Gelchion kept the pressure on and landed numerous head shots. Sayles was more aggressive in the third round, but Gelchion’s combinations were too tough for him. Sayles’ blocking got sloppy near the end of the fight.

Chris Izaguirre def. Nathan “Preeminent Pre” SerazinIzaguirre had the upper hand from the opening bell. He waited until Serazin threw a punch and capitalized on Serazin’s lowered defenses, landing many rights to the head. Izaguirre again broke through Serazin’s blocks in the second round, connecting with most of his headshots. After a stoppage in the fight, Serazin connected on a few of his jabs, but another flurry by Izaguirrre forced him into the ropes.

Sagar Navare def. Danny “Dirty Water” WempleThe first round was fairly even, with neither fighter able to take advantage of the other. Navare took over in the second round, effectively countering many of Wemple’s punches. The intensity from the end of the second round continued into the third, with both fighters throwing a lot of accurate punches. The third round ended amid a barrage of punches from both fighters, but Navare put the pressure on and connected more often.

Will Marra def. Walter “Project” BruenBruen was unable to throw anything other than his jab in the first round due to Marra’s strong right hooks and uppercuts. Marra’s superior reach helped him in the second round, allowing him to keep Bruen at a distance. Bruen started to land some shots in the third round, using his jab to open the door for his right hand. It would not be enough, however. Marra came back and peppered Bruen, putting him on defense for the rest of the fight.

Paul “Squints” Oddy def. Mike HowardThe fight started fairly evenly, but Oddy’s right cross took over later in the first round. Oddy struck first, landing a powerful right that sent Howard to the mat. Oddy would land another strong right at the end of the first round, and yet another right set up a barrage of punches. The referee stopped the contest midway through the second round.

David “J-Rock” Pepe def. Connor “The Conqueror” CainPepe’s form and aggressive style were too much for Cain to handle in the first round. Pepe was the aggressor for most of the fight and landed a strong one-two combo midway through the second round. Cain managed to knock Pepe off his game with a few shots to the head during the second round. The intensity dropped in the third round, but Pepe still controlled the fight.

Kris “El Azteca” Perez def. William BrownPerez came out firing, but Brown was able to counter effectively, blocking and returning many of his punches. Brown came out much stronger in the second round, doing a good job of blocking or avoiding Perez and landing many strong shots of his own. Perez got to him, however, and landed a straight hard shot to Brown’s head, knocking Brown to the mat and ending the fight.

Eric “A Second Reading From the Book of” Feduska def. Christopher HanlonHanlon landed some key right crosses and a few combinations in the beginning of the first round. Feduska, though out-boxed, landed some body shots near the end. Feduska regrouped in the second round, landing more body shots and effectively using his jab and combinations. In the third round, Feduska came out strong, taking advantage of Hanlon’s faltering defenses to land more jab-cross combinations.

Christopher Hartstein def. Mark “The Shark” WeberBoth fighters started fast, throwing many accurate punches, but Hartstein had the advantage, using his right hook very effectively and forcing Weber to the ropes. More combinations by Hartstein kept Weber from going on the offensive for most of the second round. Weber started landing his jab in the third round, but Hartstein’s combinations were too much for him. Twice Hartstein forced Weber against the ropes and landed multiple combinations.

Michael Johnston def. Nate DyerBoth fighters were quick and accurate and landed a good portion of their punches in the first round of an equally fought bout. The second round was also fou-ght to a stalemate, with Johnston’s body shots and jabs countered by Dyer’s combinations. The intensity increased in the third round, with Johnston landing more jabs and Dyer on defense. Some of Dyer’s shots connected, but it was not enough to win.Mike “I’m On the Poster” Hennig def. Bill “The Brobot” HullHennig came out strong and fast, not allowing Hull to throw many punches in the first round. Hennig’s punches were quick and accurate. The second round was more of the same, and Hull struggled to protect himself. The fight was stopped midway through the second round.

Matt “Poz” Posluszny def. Conor “Chicken Hawk” DouglassPosluszny’s strong jab was prevalent in the first round, snapping Douglass’ head back on more than one occasion. Douglass sacrificed punch speed for strength, landing a few strong right hooks. Douglass came back in the second round, landing a strong right that knocked Posluszny to the mat. Posluszny dominated the third round, knocking Douglass to the mat twice with straight rights.

Phillip “The Spaniard” Hicks def. Patrick “The South Bend Brawler” KibbeHicks chased Kibbe around the ring for most of the first round, but didn’t land many punches until the end of the round. Kibbe was much quicker in the second round, but Hicks’ defense was hard for him to penetrate. Hicks finally broke through with a three-hit combo against the ropes. Hicks’ combinations took over in the third round, keeping Kibbe at bay.

Lawrence “The Boston Massacre” Sullivan def. Steven SushinskyThe fight was fairly even in the first round, although Sushinsky flustered Sullivan at times by landing combos. Sullivan got his jab and right hook to the body working during the second round. But Sushinsky fought back, landing a strong right near the end of the round. Sushinsky pressured Sullivan in the third round, throwing combinations and keeping Sullivan from getting a rhythm going.

Tommy “One Two Three” Forr def. Paul MowerMower protected his head well during the first round, only allowing Forr to throw body shots. Forr was able to land some strong right hands in the second round. Forr’s strong right set up many combinations that allowed him to control the fight. The third round was more of the same, with the referee pausing the fight twice after big hits from Forr.

Alex “Speedy” Gonzalez def. Dan McGowenGonzalez was too quick for McGowen in the first round, keeping McGowen on the defensive for the entire round. It was more of the same in the second round, with McGowen unable to throw any punches. He protected himself decently but could not keep up. The referee stopped the fight in the middle of the second round.

Joseph “Thor’s Hammer” Leary def. Kevin Hederman Both boxers’ defenses were good for the majority of the first round, either dodging or blocking their opponent’s punches. Hederman landed a strong right, and Leary worked Hederman up against the ropes with combos near the end. The second round started in Leary’s favor, but Hederman fought back and took control near the end. Leary dominated the third round, waiting for Hederman to throw a punch and responding with numerous combos.

Jesse “Wolverine” Brawer def. Brian TyrrellWhen Brawer dropped his defenses, Tyrrell capitalized and landed some good head shots in the first round. Brawer returned with solid body shots. Brawer took over in the second round, landing multiple rights to Tyrrell’s face. Brawer combined his right with his jab in the third round, eventually landing a strong right that made Tyrrell woozy and forced the referee to stop the fight.

Andrew McGill def. Brian DonoghueMcGill dominated the first round, dodging Donoghue’s attempts and landing straight shots as well as hooks. McGill did a good job of dodging or blocking anything Donoghue threw and countered with hard, fast combinations. In the second round, McGill forced Donoghue into the corner after repeated body shots and dropped him to the mat with a left hook. This forced the referee to stop the fight.

Dan “You’re In the Lion’s Den Now” Rodgers def. Mike “A Dish Best Served Cold” SusoThe first round was fast but sloppy, with both fighters attacking for the majority of the round. Rodgers had the early advantage, effectively using his combinations. Suso’s nose was bleeding uncontrollably, forcing the referee to stop the fight after the first round.

Mark “The London Blitz” Bond def. Jordan RungeBoth fighters had their jab working in the first round. Bond had the advantage at first, successfully using his jab to set up combinations, but Runge made a run near the end of the round. Though intense and hard-fought, neither fighter could dominate the other. Defense was thrown by the wayside in the brutal third round that featured landed punch after landed punch.

Bret “The Mail Never Stops” Shapot def. Nate BarberaBoth fighters were cautious in the first round, which was intense but featured no decisive hits. Shapot had the advantage in the second round, landing a hard left hook that forced the referee to stop the fight a few seconds into the round.

WalkoversChris “Cougar” Cugliari and Chris “The Grizz” Lee defeated Rick Ward and Brian DeSplinter, respectively, in walkovers.