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Bengal Bouts: Hicks outlasts Wang in unanimous decision

Pat R. O'Brien | Thursday, February 22, 2007

The fists were flying right off the bat as junior Philip “The Spaniard” Hicks beat sophomore Justin Wang in three-rounds by unanimous decision. Both fighters landed a variety of punches in the first round, but by round two it was all Hicks. Wang put up a good fight, but Hicks’ speed was too much.

Steven Sushinsky over Ryan “Sub Zero” FrostSenior Sushinsky came out with a few haymakers that gave sophomore Frost a bloody nose to start the three round match. Sushinsky won by unanimous decision when he landed a few more tough jabs in the third round.

Lawrence “The Boston Massacre” Sullivan def. Jim “The Camden Buzzsaw” DuffyThe referee ended this one in 45 seconds as the junior Sullivan overpowered his opponent.

150 lb.

Tommy “One Two Three” Forr def. Andrew “Sliced Bread” KleinThe referee stopped this one-sided match early in the second round as Forr, a senior, displayed his experience over Klein, a freshman, as soon as the bell rang. He came out swinging, and the referee stopped the fight three times before finally calling it.

Paul Mower def. Fran TolanMower, junior, and Tolan, sophomore, fought an equal fight at the beginning, but at the finish, it was Mower who landed more punches and got the judges vote as the unanimous winner in the three rounds. He proved to have the edge as his speed and skill took over.

Dan “Straight Shooter” McGowan def. Michael ValluzzoIn a split decision that involved early falls and punches throughout the fight, McGowen, senior, overcame Valluzzo, junior, in a pure nail-biter. Three rounds of punching were almost not enough to decide this fight’s true winner. However, McGowen won the judges over after managing to corner Valluzzo and land critical uppercuts.

Alex “Speedy” Gonzalez def. Blake JonesWhile sophomore Jones stayed in the fight by landing a few punches, Gonzalez was faster, stronger and connected his blows en route to a three-round unanimous decision. The fight had to be halted once to stop the bleeding of Jones’ nose. As the bout continued, Jones did not seem to fatigue, but Gonzalez proved to be too much.

Joseph “Thor’s Hammer” Leary def. Mark DummettIn a unanimous decision, the sophomore Leary laid his thunderous hammer down on Dummett, a junior The jabs were flying, and Dummett could not get away from Leary’s power. Leary bloodied Dummett’s nose in the third round on a late hit. Leary signaled that he did not hear the referee’s whistle, but the fighters made amends after the match.

Kevin Hederman def.Marty “Ribman” SandbergBy unanimous decision, the senior Hederman beat freshmen Sandberg. The fight was fairly even, but Hederman threw too many punches on the freshmen.

Brian Tyrell def. Ryan “The Southwest Southpaw” LoughreyThere was a lot of dancing early on in this fight, one that was closer than the unanimous decision indicated. Loughrey, a freshman, landed a few key punches and forced a hold from Tyrell, a senior, late in the match. However, Tyrell showed his experience, which proved to be an important factor on the first day of the bouts. He landed a few too many jabs for Loughrey to overcome.

Jesse “Wolverine” Brawer def. Tomas “The Second Coming” CastilloCastillo, sophomore, put up a valiant effort late in this match, but the three rounds proved Brawer, junior, was the stronger fighter – winning the unanimous decision. As soon as the match began, Brawer showed his brawn and refused to let up even with the third round second wind from Castillo.

155 lb.

Brian Donoghue def. Brian DrosteIn a fight that started with hesistation, Donoghue, a sophomore, won the three-round fight that appeared to be more lopsided then the judges’ decision indicated. Both fighters landed blows, but Droste appeared to tire out faster. The split decision most likely occurred when Droste landed a few punches late in the third round.

Dan “You’re In the Lion’s Den Now” Rodgers def. Phil MacCartIn this referee stopped contest, Rodgers dominated MacCart with many haymakers and jabs – ending the fight in the first round. Barely allowing his opponent to move, the furious punching from Rodgers made sure that this bout stopped early.

Mike “A Dish Best Served Cold” Suso def. Alec RackishSuso, a senior, came out swinging in his split decision instant classic victory.It looked as if he would dominate the match as he easily won the first round over the sophomore Rackish. Suso seemed to take control of the second round as well, giving Rackish a bloody lip. However, near the end of the second, Suso began to tire as Rackish stayed strong. The third round opened with a tired Suso desperately trying to land punches on Rackish. Rakish countered on the exposed Suso, giving him a bloody nose. On an attempted punch by Suso, both boxers lost their balance and fell to the ground. However, the late attempts by Rackish could not help his cause as much as he needed. Jordan Runge def. Dom RobertazziRunge, a senior, and freshman Robertazzi went punch-for-punch early on in this fight; however, conditioning and experience took over in senior’s favor. Runge bloodied Robertazzi’s nose in the second round, and the referee was forced to stop the fight in the third.

Mark “The London Blitz” Bond def. Brandon StewartBond, sophomore, ousted graduate student Stewart in a second-round referee stopped contest, even though the fight was close throughout. However, Stewart appeared to be hurting while holding his abdomen and right arm. The referee noticed this and stopped the fight to talk to Stewart. He could not go on in the bout, and Bond was credited with the victory.

Nate “The Closer” Barbera def. John MaierBarbera, senior, dominated the fight until the third round when Maier, freshman, fought back by landing some facial jabs. However, Barbera landed enough punches to pull out the unanimous decision. Barbera got Maier in the corner early, and a third round onslaught also helped to seal the victory.

Bret “The Mail Never Stops” Shapot def. Avery “The Iron Fish” ScottThe punches came out fast, but the junior Shapot quickly took the advantage by showing his strength and skill while the freshman Scott struggled to get anything going. Shapot cornered his opponent many times, and he also landed his share of punches. The referee stopped the fight on numerous occasions, but this unanimous decision lasted the full three rounds.

160 lb.

Terry “Don’t Blink” Howell def. Jason MillerThis freshmen matchup displayed true boxing prowess as Howell started out with a nice first round of punches. Miller stayed tough in the split-decision, bloodying Howell’s lip.

Ryan “Seoul Man” Smith def. Kevin “Double D” GoodwinThis unanimous decision was an even fight early on, but as the rounds wore on, Smith, a senior, separated himself from freshman Goodwin. Smith once again displayed that experience is essential in Bengal Bouts. Goodwin stuck in the match and showed his determination in the third round by not giving up his ground.

James “Cupcake” Devereaux def. Kevin “What the Thunder said” HattrupSophomore James Devereaux came out strong in the first round, landing punches on graduate student Kevin Hattrup, en route to a unanimous decision win.Hattrup, however, did not give up as he started strong in the second round. The punches exchanged, but Devereaux landed more and was the clear, unanimous winner.

Hunter “The Wonder” Land def. Frank “The Tank” BarraThough senior Barra landed some nice jabs, junior Land proved to be the stronger and more skilled fighter in his unanimous decision victory. Barra cornered Land a few times, but was plagued by footing problems on the canvas. In the end, Land connected with more punches in this battle of talent.

Nicholas Ponzio def. James “Everything But the Kitchen” IrcinkThis three-round boxing match between freshmen Ponzio and Ircink turned out to be one sided as the judges awarded Ponzio the victory in a unanimous decision. Ponzio continued to corner Ircink and force him into the side ropes. Ircink was helpless as Ponzio landed numerous jabs and haymakers on his opponent throughout the fight.

Parfait Mwez def. Corey Brisee This senior bout was right down to the wire as Mwez received the split-decision victory in three rounds. The bout was characterized by periods of rapid punches and then instances of dancing around each other. Brisee slipped to the floor in the first round, but made up for it with a huge haymaker on Mwez. In the end, Mwez landed just a few more punches according to the majority of the judges.

John “The Highlighter” O’Connell def. R.J. “Il Titano” Tursi This battle of sophomores turned into another nail-biter as O’Connell received the split-decision vote from the judges. Southpaw Tursi came in strong, but O’Connell finished with more contact on his opponent. The whole fight was characterized with a lot of missed punches by both contenders, especially in the third round when the fighters’ fatigue began to slow down their movements.