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Parallels exist between drunks, awesomeness

Letter to the Editor | Thursday, February 8, 2007

Dear Mark Poyar (Feb. 7 Letter to the Editor, ‘Parallels exist between drunks, government’) – welcome to America! One of your rights as a citizen of this great nation, and part of what makes this country so amazing, is that you are free to spew your Bush-Bashing, tree-hugging, French-loving propaganda in Viewpoint as much as you want. Because of your right to freedom of speech, we won’t even begin to touch on the topic of how you believe it’s not OK to kill terrorists, yet you claim abortion as an “American value.” … Even though neither of us thinks unborn babies are the real enemies of democracy. There is a much more important issue that needs to be addressed. The one thing that has always been a central part to the soul of America, one thing that we cannot and will not allow you to disrespect, is drinking. Ever since the Puritans embarked on their passage to America with more beer aboard their ships than water, this country has been centered around drinking. In the 17th century, abstainers had to pay ten percent more for health insurance because it is almost a scientific fact that those who drink all the time are healthier, stronger and more awesome than those that don’t. If you cannot appreciate and respect the importance of alcohol in America, then feel free to move to some place like Canada, or at the very least, switch to a dry dorm like Morrissey.

Tom Martin

Siegfried Hall president

Patrick McMaster

Siegfried Hall spirit commissioner

Feb. 7