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Recruiting mania

Chris Khorey | Friday, February 9, 2007

Aug. 15, 2003: Grand Rapids, Mich., prospect Chris Khorey announces his top choices for college. Notre Dame is high on the list. Message board posters consider Khorey a lock to be Irish because of his legacy status.

Khorey looks to be one of the top history major prospects in the Midwest, but some recruiting analysts say he has the flexibility to be a political science or psychology major.

Sept. 22, 2003: Fresh off writing a cover story in his high school newspaper, Khorey trims his list to five schools – Notre Dame, Duke, Virginia, Boston College and Wabash.

Message board posters express confusion over the presence of Wabash on the list and speculate that the Little Giants may be using illegal recruiting tactics.

Recruiting analysts wonder if Notre Dame’s lack of a journalism major will hurt the Irish.

Oct. 3, 2003: Khorey announces his intention to apply early action to Notre Dame. Irish fans rejoice, assuming this means he is a sure-bet to come to South Bend. So long as evil admissions doesn’t get in the way, that is.

Nov. 15, 2003: Khorey announces that he will send applications to his other four top schools in time for regular admission. Irish fans start to worry that Notre Dame is losing its hold on him.

Dec. 14, 2003: News breaks that Wabash is offering Khorey a full scholarship, a spot on the baseball team, and an editorship at the newspaper by sophomore year. Notre Dame fans panic. The Irish cannot match those offers. But would a legacy really consider turning down Notre Dame for promises that Wabash might not be able to keep?

Dec. 21, 2003: Khorey is accepted into Notre Dame. Irish fans breath a sigh of relief that Admissions let him in.

Jan. 1, 2004: Khorey sends in regular admission applications to Duke, Virginia, Wabash and BC. Irish fans panic again – he’s in at Notre Dame, why the other applications?

Jan. 23, 2004: Wabash offers Khorey an all-expenses paid visit. While there he meets with academic officials, newspaper editors and baseball coaches. Notre Dame fans assume all is lost and that Khorey was turned off by the winter weather in South Bend despite being from Michigan. NDNation.com shuts down for three days.

Feb. 14, 2004: Khorey visits Notre Dame and stays with a freshman in Dillon Hall. During his visit, he announces that he will enroll at Notre Dame and that it was his first choice all along. There is much rejoicing among Irish fans. Message board posters declare Khorey the next Matt Storin and J.W. Jordan rolled into one. NDNation.com shuts down for three more days.

Feb. 18, 2004: Message board posters wonder why Khorey’s sister, a high school sophomore, hasn’t committed to Notre Dame yet.