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All you need is love

Letter to the Editor | Tuesday, March 6, 2007

As a recent observer of the debates raging in the Viewpoint of late, I must say that I am encouraged by Gary Caruso’s sentiments that we learn to love one another (“Praying for religious temperance and peace,” Mar. 2). I applaud Caruso for raising this important point, for too often defense of dogma blinds people of the law of love, leading to actions of Pharisaical proportion. In fact, in a world torn by violence and war, it seems that the Beatles got it right: “All you need is love.” Yet daily practice shows that we frail humans need more than this, because we fail so often to love as we should. In this tragic human condition, where can we turn for help and guidance?

Some might turn to a philosophy or a way of life. One may read a set of teachings, adopt a code of conduct, and lead a life according to the spirit of this philosophy. Men have grown very wise and good by following these philosophies. Yet, human experience shows that time and again man will fail. It almost seems that there is some original defect in our nature that we can’t get rid of: some innate flaw that years of improvement cannot erase. In other words, it seems that we are not primarily in need of advice, but of a savior. A man, born without arms, drowning in the ocean doesn’t need advice on how to swim; he needs a lifeguard to rescue him.

As Caruso points out, Jesus taught many marvelous things. Yet his true mission on earth, as He, himself, tells us, was to be put to death and to rise from the dead. Somehow, in the grandest mystery of all, which man can only comprehend with the eyes of faith, the dying and rising of this God-man has opened the gates of paradise to man, offering us salvation and peace. This Lent, let us not stop at fulfilling Jesus’ command to love one another, but, trusting in his salvation, let us grow in love for both God and our neighbor.

Iskandar Arifin


Class of 2006

March 6