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Free sacrifice is worth it

Letter to the Editor | Friday, March 9, 2007

Dan Hicks’ Viewpoint, (“Sacrifice is Worth It,” March 8) drew attention to our responsibility to make “minor sacrifices for the sake of very dear goods.” During the Lenten season, it is particularly important to contemplate our responsibilities to those who are in need, and I applaud Hicks for doing so. Unfortunately, he framed the entire issue in the context of increased taxation and government action, which is ultimately coercive in nature.

We have the right to own private property in this country, and this is not only intrinsically valuable as a form of freedom, but has provided our society with remarkable prosperity and personal independence. While we celebrate our right to hold property, we must also recognize the responsibility to use that property as a steward for our Lord who entrusted us with it. When we use our resources for luxuries while others are in legitimate need, we not only fail to meet our responsibilities as stewards but provide ammunition to those who seek to restrict or eliminate our rights to hold property.

While you’re out on spring break, think about whether you really need to buy that extra drink, because you probably won’t remember it anyway. If all of us (myself included) choose fun but unnecessary purchases consistently over giving to those in need, Dan Hicks’ school will grow stronger and eventually the taxman will take by force what we failed to give in love.

Jonathan Klingler


Keenan Hall

March 8