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No. 1 Moses

Letter to the Editor | Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I am sure you have received many letters in regards to the March 27 Letter to the Editor titled ‘”First Down Moses” underlies negative attitudes toward other religions.’ “First down” Moses? Are you kidding? This was a man who parted the Red Sea, spoke with burning shrubbery and induced swarms of locusts to descend upon the Egyptians. Does the scowling statue with finger upraised really appear be celebrating a first down? Are we returning to the dark days of the Bob Davie Era where a first down was cause for biblical figures to stand on the heads of the vanquished in celebration? While we’re making ludicrous comparisons between figures such as Moses and the Sept. 11 tragedy, why not knock the individual on the library down a few pegs. How about “Complete Catch” Jesus instead? Don’t sell the proud tradition of the University short – it’s “Number One Moses.”

Matthew McCoyd

Chicago, Ill.

Class of 2000

March 28