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On Peeps and eggs

Justin Tardiff | Friday, March 30, 2007

So you may not be a fan of parietals, single-sex dorms, or any of the other conservative policies enforced by a traditional Catholic university – but I certainly hope you don’t forget the benefits when they come.

That is, in example, an actual Easter break. That extra Friday and Monday right in the midst of tests, projects and papers – it’s a well-valued break.

OK, you may think two extra days off doesn’t make up for the some of the restrictions of a Catholic community you take issue with. But I have been celebrating the opportunity by rubbing it in all my friends’ faces back home. Those friends at state schools who constantly remind me of the freedoms they enjoy outside Notre Dame have been getting a little taste of their own medicine. (You should have heard the responses. “What? Are you serious? Two days off?”)

Admittedly, I don’t have any special plans for the weekend other than sleeping and, naturally, participating in the annual Easter Mass-brunch-family egg hunt extravaganza.

I still participate in the Easter egg hunt? Absolutely. The bunny better find some good spots, however, because as the years have gone by I’ve learned where all the good hiding spots are.

Let’s talk about the food. Thanksgiving is turkey, Christmas is usually steak at our house, and Easter is ham. And who are we kidding, Easter ham by far and away wins. Plus it comes with Grandma’s famous “hashbrown supreme.” You haven’t lived until you’ve tasted some of that.

Of course, I’ll also have my share of Peeps and spring colored M&M’s, whether or not they come in plastic eggs.

Speaking of Peeps, I will probably take the opportunity to blow a few up in the microwave, another regular custom, thanks to the ever-fascinated little brother. They never cease to amaze.

Also included with the weekend will probably be the mandatory watching of “It’s the Easter Bunny, Charlie Brown” and “Here Comes Peter Cottontail.”

Easter egg painting died out for me several years ago. Painting, drawing, whatever you want to call it was never my strength, and trying to do that on a fragile spherical surface is something I’ll leave up to more talented (and patient) people.

So, yes, I enjoy Easter. It’s a holiday with free candy, good food and relaxation – not to mention the fact that most Christians can celebrate their salvation.

I think you’re supposed to feel blessed on Easter. And you better believe I’ll be feeling blessed next Thursday on my way home when I think of my friends who are sitting back at school and getting ready for another day of classes and another weekend hanging around the dorm.