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One way to stop ‘lusting’

Letter to the Editor | Friday, March 9, 2007

I think that Ryan Slaney made many excellent points in his recent Letter to the Editor, (“Eradicate pornography,” March 8) but I feel that even he fell short of doing the lord’s work to its fullest extent.

He argues that “pornographic images are those which cause males to lust over the female body.” He also says that the cultural acceptance of porn “leads to the cultural acceptance of objectification of women.” These are both true, and I agree that pornography should be stopped.

But Slaney’s fault lies in his view that porn is only naked or nearly naked pictures. I feel that all pictures of attractive women are pornographic, since they may cause lust in men, even if fully clothed. And what about women not in picture form, but in person? Seeing an attractive woman on the quad can cause lust as well, and this must be put to a stop.

I think that the only solution is to prohibit any woman, in picture or human form, from entering the line of sight of any man unless she is covered from head to toe in a burka and veil. I would also suggest that men shouldn’t be allowed to see other men, in the event that one of the men may be gay, but I’m sure there are not gay people at our Catholic university. If there were, I’m sure they’d have an official club or something.

Greg Howard


Alumni Hall

March 8