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Oosasasa, Oosasasa

Justin Tardiff | Wednesday, March 7, 2007

…hit Siegfried in the head with a big Kielbasa.

With the largest population on campus, we Dillon Men rarely get excited about much unless free food is involved, but showed up in droves to cheer on our undefeated hockey team. With more than 100 screaming fans – nine of whom braved the cold to support Stonewall on their chests – and a Big Red flag, Dillon showed up for its team. And it did not disappoint.

With about one minute remaining in the first overtime period, Dillon defenseman Brian Fallon ripped a slapshot from the point in for a goal to give the Big Red a 2-1 win over Siegfried in the Interhall hockey championship.

Even though Fallon’s heroics won the game, the goaltending of senior Joe “Stonewall” McKenna won our hearts.

McKenna dominated opposing shooters all season with an approximate 97.598 save percentage while posting three shutouts this season in eight games this season.

Even though he is described by a teammate as very quiet, he made a lot of noise on the ice against the Ramblers with his pads, shutting down opponents to the delight of the Dillon cheering section.

Even though McKenna is the most visible player on the ice for Dillon, he would be nothing without his supporting cast. All of Dillon’s team was crucial in the win on both the front and defensive lines.

After winning the trophy, the guys on the team decided to share it among themselves as a communal token of their perfect season. Each player will receive the opportunity to have the trophy at some point this semester to do with it as he wishes.

But directly after the game, Dillon captain Matthew Lodwich took the trophy to the place where few dare tread – his bedroom.

He slept with the trophy throughout the night, braving the sharp and pointy parts, because of its importance to Dillon.

A friend of mine on the team explained to me that after the game-winning goal, everyone on the team wanted to have Fallon’s babies.

Trust me Paul – it was more than just the team.

I, sitting in the stands with the rest of the men of Dillon, erupted after Fallon’s goal because it gave Big Red sports the one thing they needed after such a long line of mediocre sporting ventures – a winner.

Right now in the Dillon Hall display case sits a lonely bowling pin (I don’t think anyone knows why) and other random awards from decades ago. But now we have something everyone can recognize and enjoy.

And so now I leave you with the triumphant words of my forefathers in Dillon Hall:

We are Dillon Hall, all the others suck. Dillon Hall! Dillon Hall! Rah, rah…