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Ward outlasts Frisch in St. Ed’s showdown

Bill Brink | Thursday, March 1, 2007

165 lbs – Preston “Punch Throwin’ Idahoan” Carter def. Matt Decker

Carter had more stamina than Decker and was able to penetrate his defenses for the unanimous win. The first round was intense and filled with aggression as both fighters threw a lot of punches. Decker’s left hook kept him out of trouble in the second round, during which both fighters began to tire. Carter took advantage of Decker’s exhaustion in the third round and landed some big punches to put the match away.

165 lbs. – Michael Smith def. Jon “Duck” Kelly

Smith advanced over Kelly after the referee stopped the fight in the second round.

At first Kelly protected his head well from Smith’s long reach and strong right hooks, but Smith went to the body, landing numerous solid shots to put Kelly away.

A hard shot by Smith sent Kelly to his knees in the second round. He continued, but after another barrage from Smith and another stoppage, the referee stopped the contest.

170 lbs. – Steve “Ogie” Hansen def. Stephen Klein

Bouts veteran Hansen advanced to the finals, going the distance for the unanimous win over Klein.

Klein made use of his size and reach advantages with solid defense and body shots, but Hansen landed good shots in the first round. Hansen’s left hook was on in the second round – ducking a Klein attempt and coming back with four quick shots. Both fighters boxed well in the third round, landing solid shots to their opponent’s head. Klein was somewhat defensive, and Hansen capitalized on opportunities when Klein did throw a punch.

170 lbs. – Conor McLaughlin def. Joe “Joe-Pacalypse” Hagmann in a walkover.

175 lbs. – Mike “Double Fist” Lee def. Mike Cimino

Lee put down Cimino in a third-round, referee-stopped contest.

Lee’s footwork put him in better position to throw powerful punches in the first round. Lee had more power and quickness than Cimino. The second round saw some confusion over proper etiquette following a standing eight count. But there was no confusion when Lee, after ducking a Cimino attack, dropped his opponent to the mat. Lee again took over the match in the third round, which culminated in a barrage of punches and a left hook that forced the referee to stop the fight.

175 lbs – Andrew “Rage” Massari def. Greg “Busta” Brown

Massari’s left hook worked well in the first round, but it was his right that put Brown on the mat to advance with the unanimous decision.

In the first two rounds he came out firing, taking advantage of Brown’s weak defenses and setting up combos with his hook. The round ended in Brown’s own corner, with Massari peppering him with punches. In the third round, Massari boxed more conservatively, waiting for Brown to throw his jab and then striking back.

180 lbs. – Dan Ward def. Adam “Alpha Fox” Frisch

Senior captain Ward eliminated Frisch after a three round unanimous decision victory.

Ward controlled the first round, keeping Frisch on the perimeter and pressuring him the entire round. Ward’s longer reach and sharper, quicker style benefited him greatly. Frisch went on the attack in the second round, but got sloppy, as his form broke down. Frisch kept Ward away for most of the third round, but Ward was still able to take advantage of Frisch’s weak defense.

180 lbs. – Leo Rubinkowski def. John Soltis

The lefty Rubinkowski used a sinister shot to end Soltis in the third round when the referred stopped the bout.

Rubinkowski gave Soltis some problems with his right-handed jab in the first round, a punch that set up his strong left cross. Soltis landed three consecutive rights, but Rubinkowski countered with a left that knocked Soltis off balance. Soltis’ aggressive style in the second round flustered Rubinkowski, but Rubinkowski’s reach advantage prevented him from doing any damage. Rubinkowski landed a solid left that ended the fight midway through the third round.

Heavyweight – Stu “Man Eater” Stypula def. Karl Kadon

Stypula joined off-campus housemates Hennig and Oglethorpe as he advanced to the finals with a unanimous decision victory over Kadon.

Stypula made up for his size disadvantage with quick footwork, dancing away after throwing a punch, before Kadon’s left hit home in the first round. Kadon couldn’t protect himself as well in the second round and Stypula capitalized. Stypula’s left-handed attack seemed to trouble Kadon. Kadon couldn’t effectively engage his jab because it came on the same side as Stypula’s.

Heavyweight – Pat “Third Degree” Burns def. Chris Nanovic

Burns put away Nanovic with a unanimous win.

Nanovic’s weak defense hurt him in this fight. Burns’ defense was strong and didn’t allow many of Nanovic’s jabs to open the door in the first round. Nanovic’s low hands cost him in the second round, allowing Burns to land many strong shots to the head. Burns’ left hook caught Nanovic twice in the third round, pausing the fight both times.

Super Heavyweight – Tony “Tiny Bubbles” Cunningham def. Geoff “Wrongside” Spiess

Cunningham beat Speiss in a split-decision bout that featured contrasting styles of boxing to make it to the superheavyweight finals for the second year in a row.

Cunningham didn’t throw many punches, but when he did they were sharp, accurate and hard. After taking some hard shots in the first round, Spiess became conservative in the second, mostly limiting himself to jabs and only engaging when cornered. Neither fighter landed any decisive punches in the third round, as Cunningham held on for the win.

Super Heavyweight – Patrick “Funk” McInerney def. Cole Davis

McInerney tore through Davis en route to the finals, as the referee stopped the fight in the second round.

Both fighters made effective use of body shots in the first round. McInerney finally got his hook to land in the second , delivering a powerful shot that bloodied Davis’ face. McInerney did a good job of avoiding Davis’ right hook during the fight, only allowing one to catch his head. Davis’ bloody nose caused the referee to stop the fight in the beginning of the second round.