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An acronym you can get behind

Alec White | Tuesday, April 17, 2007

This week is supposed to be LGBTQ awareness week, but developing awareness is going to prove difficult with such a haphazard acronym. This contorted array of letters makes every article seem as if a drunken reporter continually passed out on the keyboard.

All of the great acronyms in our society have been catchy or unique enough to hold water with the American public. Without a good acronym, any group is going to suffer the fate of NKOTB. Acronyms derive their strength from being pronounceable as a word, like NAFTA or UNICEF, or having a multiple letter, think N “Double A” CP.

If the leaders of this body are tied to letters like Q, giving gay rights a powerful acronym may prove to be a game of Scrabble that Milton Bradley wouldn’t be able to finish. For those open to changing the acronym, there is always “HATS” (Homosexuals Asking for Tolerance and Sensitivity), but perhaps a more pragmatic solution is a simple rearrangement of the difficult letters: “GQ.BLT” Now that sounds fashionable and delicious.

The writer is a former cartoonist for The Observer.

Alec White


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