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Blowouts highlight first round

Joe Meixell | Tuesday, April 3, 2007

In a game that featured two vastly different playing styles, Team 386 defeated Ballin’ to the Backer 21-10 in the first round of Bookstore Basketball. Led by Mike Mattingly, Team 386’s slow, measured approach outlasted Ballin’s fast-paced, pass-happy game.

Team 386 started fast, scoring the first four points of the game, but Ballin came back with two quick scores. The first, on a dish to a cutter in the lane, demonstrated their ball movement. The second, from what would have been three-point range, displayed their shooting ability.

“They should have gotten a bye,” 386’s Kevin Gleason said.

Up 10-4 at the break, 386 faced a two-three zone in the beginning of the second half.

“They played zone pretty solid,” Gleason said. “We wanted to penetrate, but we resorted to shooting over it. We couldn’t dribble.”

Alongside Mattingly and Gleason, teammates Cutter Brenton, Dave Riege and Gene Noone contributed to the victory. Team 386 out-rebounded Ballin’ to the Backer and forced turnovers off of bad passes, their main source of fast-break opportunities.

Mattingly lived in the lane, often driving from the perimeter either with the ball or while looking for a pass.

Ballin’s offense revolved around screens, and they would drive to draw a double-team and dish the ball out rather than take it to the basket. While they hung around late in the game, 386 went on a four-point run to finish the game.

Gleason acknowledged that the difference in offensive speed was due to fatigue.

“They were in much better shape,” he said. “We put on weight over the holidays.”

Los Tigres Del Notre 21,

Team 644 15

Los Tigres Del Notre held on and defeated Team 644, but given 644’s resurgence in the second half, Los Tigres were lucky to come out on top.

Los Tigres started quickly, scoring the first four points and six of the first seven. While their shots weren’t falling at first, they were in good position for put-back baskets.

“We wanted to come out strong,” Tigre David Saucedo said.

Saucedo led Los Tigres on offense, his size and speed allowing him to get to the hoop. Neal Kumar played well on the perimeter, driving when he needed to, but sinking key jumpers at times.

Team 644 scored three consecutive points before the half, but it was 644’s second-half play that almost brought them back. Team 644 traded baskets with Los Tigres, at one point bringing the score to 15-12.

“If we played like we did in the second half like we did in the first half, we would have lost,” Saucedo said. “I give the girls a lot of credit. They weren’t selfish.”

Team 644’s passing always found the open man, usually in the lane or on the baseline for a high-percentage shot.

Saucedo, Kumar, Fede Vielledent, Javy Macias and Brian Wierson pulled together to score three of the last four points for Los Tigres. The team still feels it needs improvement, however.

“We’re undersized, so we want to work on our defense,” Saucedo said.

Sbarro Bandits 21

Team 646 7

According to Pat Pirozzi, the Sbarro Bandits’ goal for their opening round contest was to get Jason Coleman, who Pirozzi described as 5-foot-4, to dunk. While that goal was not reached, the Bandits managed to defeat their opponents, Team 646, rather easily.

Before the start of the game, however, Team 646 exuded confidence.

“We’re gonna come at them like bulls,” 646 member Danielle Fedele said.

Teammate Kirsten Shoshone fed off of Fedele’s intensity.

“Those Zahm girls have nothing on McGlinn,” she said.

Unfortunately for Shoshone, Fedele, and their teammates, Team 646 experienced an off night shooting the ball. A reasonably efficient offense yielded few results, as few shots fell for them, especially in the first half.

They began to get in a groove as the second half wore on, but it was too little, too late, as the physically dominant Sbarro Bandits had already used their superior inside game to pull away. The Bandits also converted several fast-break opportunities as Team 646 began to show some signs of fatigue toward the end of the contest. Fedele, however, was not at all disappointed in her team’s performance.

“We played miraculously,” she said, beaming with pride.

Absolut Curlies 21

P-Dub Football 5

In a hotly contested and very physical game, the Absolut Curlies managed to come out on top against the overmatched P-Dub Football.

The girls of Pasquerilla West were looking to extend their interhall football prowess onto the basketball court. They believed that championships are in their blood, and so they expected nothing but success. The Curlies, however, had other plans.

When asked what the strategy was for claiming victory in the contest, Absolut Curlies’ Austin Dwyer laid out the team’s main objective and then went on to describe how they planned to achieve it.

“Win, win, win, win, win,” he said. “We have a special play. We’re going to use the hook and ladder. No one knows what it is yet. Not even anyone on our team.”

Bryan Hayes of the Curlies contributed a slightly different form of pre-game analysis that came in the form of an inspirational quote written on his right shoulder that read, “My need for self-worth does seem to outweigh my abilities.”

Hayes controlled the tempo from the start, running the point efficiently for the Curlies, while Dwyer was an unstoppable force inside. Turnovers by P-Dub Football proved to be its undoing, as Sean Bradley converted several steals into uncontested lay-ups for the Curlies.

Hayes made it clear where his team’s focus was after the game ended.

With a look of unbridled intensity, he exclaimed, “Round 2: Fight!”

Sodium Free Saltines 21 Hormonal Rage 7

At bookstore court No. 4, Sodium Free Saltines received a favorable draw and advanced easily into the next round over Hormonal Rage.

Hormonal Rage, a team of five girls, suffered from an unfortunate break when sophomore Lauren Cummings sprained her ankle. At first it appeared as though she would be able to continue, but the swelling and pain forced her out of the contest.

Sodium Free Saltines got out to an early lead using their height and athleticism over the girls to gain the advantage. One of the contests highlights came when Morrissey sophomore Paul Aleman drove through the lane and finished with a pretty reverse lay-up.

Hormonal Rage was on the verge of getting shut out until sophomore Caroline Green scored the team’s first points with an open look. Hormonal Rage put together a string of baskets and closed the wide gap between the teams, thanks in part to baskets from Green and sophomore captain Jennifer Kang.

Captain Corey Arvin from Morrissey helped rebound and move the ball in transition on the way to gain some effortless points, as Sodium Free Saltines cruised on their way to a rout.

SDH exit ladies 21

Gumbel 2 Gumbel 12

In a matchup that was closer than the score indicated, the SDH exit ladies pulled off a victory, gaining points when they needed them most.

Point guard play was the key in this contest as SDH exit ladies’ sophomore Marcus Young elevated his play, giving his team the edge. Throughout the contest, Young penetrated and then either finished strong or dished it to one of his teammates.

The contest started out with some good looks and quality baskets, but the tempo quickly slowed down, as both teams missed open shots. Gumbel 2 Gumbel’s combo of seniors Josh Hugo and Joe Ptasinski rebounded well, converting SDH exit ladies’ missed opportunities into fast break chances.

Once the game had been drawn to a lull, Young stepped up his defense taking several steals coast-to-coast, creating a rally that would help his squad down the stretch. On one occasion, Young found sophomore Matt Barra on a nice fast break assist during the run.

Gumbel 2 Gumbel tried to go to the post with Hugo’s technique with his back to the basket, but Barra’s height helped defend against the majority of the shots in the paint. In the end, Young’s ability to drive to the basket and poor defense from Gumbel 2 Gumbel gave the SDH exit ladies a victory leading them into the next round.

Steve Scheffler’s Chest Hair 21 Team Censored 4

Even though Steve Scheffler’s Chest Hair was missing one player, it completely obliterated Team Censored. From the moment the game began, it was obvious that Team Censored was no match for the amazing prowess that is Chest Hair.

“If [the Censored players] score once, it will be a moral victory,” spectator Adam Sims said shortly before halftime.

Chest Hair’s awe-inspiring defense was relentless for the entire game, holding Team Censored to only four points. The only time the pace slowed was when an unknowing elderly man wandered onto the court. Team Censored giggled, but the Chest Hairs never lost their focus. In the end, the Chest Hairs matted down the competition for the 21-4 win.

Huge in Asia 21

Paralelepipido 12

The all-female team Paralelepipido put up an amazing effort, but suffered a heartbreaking loss to the all-male Huge in Asia.

Paralelepipido is a Portuguese word for some type of rock that may or may not be found in Brazil.

From their lime green shirts to their electric blue knee-high socks, it was obvious that Team Paralelepipido came to dominate. But when Patrick Burns of Huge in Asia sunk a unexpected shot from long range within the first three seconds, Paralelepipido’s hopes were slightly diminished. Despite their smaller stature, Paralelepipido played tough woman-to-man defense.

Huge in Asia point guard and Bengal Bouts finalist Patrick Burns noted that playing against Paralelepipido was “worse than boxing.”

“These girls play better defense than any guys I know,” Huge in Asia’s Josh Shumway said.

Even though Paralelepipido’s defense was stellar, their offense was hesitant to shoot, allowing Huge in Asia to lead for most of the game. Inspired by the halftime water break and a pep talk form coach, Shea Doyle, team Paralelepipido staged a late comeback attempt. But it was too little to late.

Despite their loss, Paralelepipido made a lasting impression on Huge in Asia.

“We didn’t get embarrassed, and we’re happy,” Burns said.

Huge in Asia teammate John Peterson responded quickly:

“Actually, I’m a little embarrassed,” he said.