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Fighting stereotype with stereotype

Letter to the Editor | Wednesday, April 11, 2007

After reading the April 11 Letter to the Editor, “McDaniels goes too far,” by Katherine Khorey, I could not help but think to myself, “What is she trying to say? That superior intelligence is the primary quality that men should look for in women?” She begins her article by stating that she is part of a class with the highest acceptance standards of any Notre Dame class and announcing her GPA to the school. The problem with these two statements is that every year the standards increase, so next year’s class will be “smarter” than hers, and frankly, nobody cares what her GPA is. Also, in her attempt to fight one stereotype, she creates another. She then begins to attack any girl who may be considered “pretty” by societal standards by saying girls at Notre Dame actually “think and feel and live.” Is this to say that “pretty” girls cannot think, feel, and live? She continues to talk about the ability to do integrals, write thesis statements and boil eggs as if these skills should be Liam Moran’s main criteria in seeking his future wife. Although I consider intelligence to be important, the ability to compute integrals or write a thesis statement does not turn me on to a woman. I would rather my future wife be sweet, loving and someone I can always have fun with – not someone who I can sit down with for an exciting Saturday night of Calculus. The point is that everyone is attracted to beauty. Nobody can deny that. So to complain about human nature is pointless.

Brian Salvi

Stanford Hall


April 11