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Gremlin manifesto

Letter to the Editor | Monday, April 16, 2007

I don’t read The Observer because I’m excited about the riveting front page articles or the “accurate” movie reviews (the re-release of Disney’s Robin Hood … anyone?). I read it because I like to do the Word Jumble, read my horoscope, and laugh at the only funny comic – Kaleidoscope McDaniels. Yes, I am a woman, and yes, even I think the comic’s portrayal of Notre Dame girls is funny – nay, hilarious. Sure, portraying Notre Dame girls as ugly, subhuman creatures is an exhausted joke, but Moran has remained so dedicated to the stereotype that you have to applaud him. I don’t think there has been one Kaleidoscope strip portraying a Notre Dame girl as anything but a gremlin. That’s commitment. No girl wants to actually be called a gremlin, but please don’t make excuses for it; it only justifies the stereotype.

News flash: It takes less time to shower, brush your hair, put together a decent outfit and swipe on some mascara, than it takes to whine about one guy. Try not to accept the stereotype and run off a shopping list of why you don’t have time to look presentable or, as some say, “sexy.” I am surrounded by some of the smartest women I will ever know, yet they still love shoes. Having intelligence and absolutely adoring footwear aren’t mutually exclusive.

Remember, Moran is trying to make people laugh, and he does a good job. Besides, if Notre Dame girls were gremlins, the dining hall wouldn’t be open after dark and girls wouldn’t be allowed in the swimming pool. (Thank god that isn’t true, because I like to binge on FroYo and then swim off the calories while furiously weeping.) If you have to complain, why not make fun of the Notre Dame male with his hoodie, khakis and shell-toed Adidas shoes that make him look like a pre-teen?

Notre Dame is an all-boys club, and probably always will be. You’re only confirming a stereotype when you provide excuses for it. Instead, go against type, have pride in yourself and strive to be a smart AND attractive Notre Dame girl. All it takes is twenty minutes, some mascara and a wonder-bra.

So I’ll take my “big words and integrals” along with my eyeliner and stilettos and attempt to create a happy medium. (Just kidding, I have no clue how to do an integral.)

Laura Hattrup


Lyons Hall

April 12