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Pride in appearance not a flaw

Letter to the Editor | Friday, April 13, 2007

Katherine, Katherine, Katherine. As someone with a 3.66 GPA I am sure in your SAT prep you came across the definition of hypocrite. You know, someone who does something that they themselves condemn? Because you, my dear, have done just that.

You claim that Liam Moran stereotypes Notre Dame women and rowers and that he needs to broaden his standards, that his viewpoint of Notre Dame women and rowers is wrongfully placed. Yet as soon as you are done bashing someone (who produces comics that the majority of the student body enjoys) for his actions, you turn around and do the exact same thing by stereotyping him and telling him not to lower his standards and to go after the sexy unintelligent bimbo that you are sure he wants.

Someone does not practice what they preach. As a fellow Katharine and someone who was a member of not only her high school crew team but also one at the collegiate level as well, I can tell you I never took Moran’s comics serious. I never felt like a Gremlin; it was you who called me a Gremlin. You don’t know me or Liam, therefore you do not know how I feel or what kind of woman Moran is interested in.

At a University that prides itself on having hardworking, well rounded students who obviously put forth a great deal of effort, I can say I am ashamed of your actions. You claim not to put enough effort in to your appearance and therefore could be considered unattractive by Liam Moran or possibly other male students. If you consider yourself unattractive due to lack of effort it is only natural that other people will too. You call yourself a Gremlin. I do not know you and therefore will not comment on your physical appearance, but no one can love you unless you love yourself and respect yourself.

Taking pride in your appearance is in no way a crime, nor does it take away from the ability to learn and increase intelligence. We all have hard days where we may not look our best, but in no way is it acceptable to make this an everyday occurrence. If you do, it will not only be boys who are turned off by your appearance but girls and teachers as well. I respect well-dressed women and men alike. Take note boys, sweats and sweatshirts everyday are not that hot. I take time in the morning to make myself presentable, I wear some hot shoes and I am a good student. I don’t think this little bit of self-pride will offend you since you were so inclined to declare your GPA.

See, Katherine, it’s not that hard to have it all. Some of the smartest girl I know are also some of the most beautiful girls I know. I can say that they do not take care of themselves to attract boys, as many of them already have boyfriends, but to feel good about themselves. It’s called self- esteem and self-love. And let me tell you that combination is awesome. So don’t take offense to Moran’s comic – as it is a comic, the opposite of serious. But do listen to it, as taking care of yourself makes you feel good.

I would say that judging on your strong reaction, someone hit a nerve, learn from it. Chocolate? Fine by me.

Katharine Sylvia


Howard Hall