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Taxes a necessary part of American society

Letter to the Editor | Friday, April 27, 2007

I read Zach Einterz’ recent column entitled “Minority blues” (April 25), and while I myself do wholeheartedly agree with some libertarian ideals, I temper my attitudes with some cold hard facts.

You, Zach, are free to live however you chose. You are free to do any of the things you cite in your article. You are free to pay no taxes to the federal government, just choose not to keep more than $25,000 or so of your income and the government will not ask for any. You have a choice. You can live out of your car and give all your income to save the owls, trees or whatever charity you want to. But if your choice involves being an active, profit seeking participating member of the “majority’s” economy, then you must pay dues to enjoy all the benefits of that society which provides such a high standard of living for those who contribute to it. That’s a fact, not an option.

If you want an ambulance to show up and save your life when you wreck your car, if you want a fire truck to show up when your house is burning, if you want smooth roads to drive on, you must pay taxes for these things; life is not a smorgasbord where we can choose what you want to pay for and what you don’t.

Again remember, you do not have to pay for any of those things if you do not want to. Just remember the deal, if you chose to use the economy for your profit, you must contribute to it. And while I am a self-employed contractor who does not enjoy paying a portion of my hard earned money to someone else, I realize that it is a good investment.

By the way Zach, I spent five hours today in a ditch, in the rain with a shovel in my hands digging up a broken rain conductor, and if I can contribute to our country, I think maybe you could see fit to also help out without all the whining that you only get to keep 80% of your income to spend on whatever you want. As an economics major, Zach, perhaps you should study the tax system before you make ridiculous statements like, “it’s hard to deny the fact that a large portion of your paycheck is going to support the war.” Well Zach, it is easy to deny that. That’s most certainly not a fact, and far from the truth. In short Zach, grow up!

Dean J. Marra

Pittsburgh , Penn.

April 26