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Ten Questions

John-Paul Witt | Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Over Easter break, I had the rare privilege to sit down with Chris Wilson, who describes himself as one of the “greatest things the law school has ever produced.”

Wilson, a University of Miami alum, is in his second year at Our Lady’s ‘Colegio de Leyes.’

JPW: Explain your life philosophy – what are ‘smokies?’

Wilson: I picked up the word from one of my favorite professors, Tex Dutile. He used the word during a discussion where he spoke about Maine Lobsters and conspiracies centering on i-Pods. It’s a way of life.

JPW: What is the best way to attract ‘smokies?’

Wilson: You just gotta live your life like Tex. You’ve got to put yourself out there – you’ve got to gym it up, flash it up and juice it up.

JPW: What’s the main difference between girls in Miami and girls here?

Wilson: I think the girls at Notre Dame are much more well-rounded. I’ll always have a place in my heart for Miami girls. Miami produces the most beautiful girls in the world. I prefer Notre Dame girls, though.

JPW: And what about men?

Wilson: I think the same thing holds for guys. They’re well-rounded at Notre Dame, more athletic. I definitely think of myself more in the mold of a Notre Dame guy. I live in St. Ed’s so that makes me a Stedsman – the true gentlemen on campus.

JPW: You’ve called yourself someone who will work for “a big timer at a big time law firm making big time money” Is that all you want in life?

Wilson: Honestly, it’s one of the main reasons I came to law school, but it’s not all I’m looking for. I want to be a family man one day. You could say I have political aspirations. I thought Notre Dame would be great because it would educate me legally and spiritually.

JPW: How has Notre Dame helped you grow in your faith?

Wilson: I was confirmed at Notre Dame through RCIA. In all seriousness, my sponsor just passed away, Ryan Rudd. I miss him a lot. It’s been rough for me. God bless him.

JPW: What does the law school need to improve?

Wilson: First, we have to increase our position in the rankings. It’s very important. It helps attract a qualified student body.

JPW: How would this occur?

Wilson: We need to have more law students in big-time firms because it increases our employment statistics and the median salary. I think the employment factors killed us.

JPW: How do you feel about the faculty?

Wilson: I think they are one of the strongest things the law school has going for it. Some professors really contributed to the person I am today – Tex, VJ, Professor Moo and Kaveny. Many like to nuke her, give her cheap shots, but I think she’s a genius.

JPW: Finally, sum up ‘Chris Wilson, the man, the legend’?

Wilson: Whoo. Wow. The lyrics from “Mack the Knife” and a recent hit from MIMS pretty much sums it up.