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Wear ‘The Shirt’

Letter to the Editor | Wednesday, April 25, 2007

“Together As One” – It’s a concept that has been as powerful as any other in history. The strength that results when many individual parts come together as one whole was recognized long ago by ancient armies (anyone seen “300”?), throughout history by political revolutionaries and more recently on a less fatal battlefield, in the world of sports. Basketball, soccer and hockey teams know they cannot win without teamwork. Kobe can put up 80 in a night, but when was the last time the Lakers won a World Championship? No team can win without its entire cast on the same page, working tirelessly toward the same goal. In no sport is that idea more essential than in football. We all know what happens when just one part of a football team fails to achieve perfection. What sets our school apart from all others is that the team extends beyond the players and coaches on the field. There are other parts that have to achieve that perfection. In the words of Bob Costas, “There is the myth, the Stadium in South Bend, and history’s team, Notre Dame. … In their home, you also play against their past.” Any team that walks through the tunnel without the Notre Dame on their uniform doesn’t play against 11 men every down – they play against 80,000. That’s what makes Notre Dame’s past. That’s what makes Notre Dame football special. To bring all the components of the Notre Dame football tradition into one T-shirt would be basically impossible. What The Shirt Committee 2007 attempted was to show just a glimpse of what makes Notre Dame. When all the parts are brought together as one, there is nothing like it. “Together As One” means we, the students, with the alumni, with the rest of the fans, with all the traditions from the back of The Shirt, with the coaches, with the offense, defense and special teams, standing shoulder to shoulder, are all impenetrable and unstoppable. Go Irish. Wear The Shirt 2007.

Jason Gott

vice president, The Shirt 2007

Dillon Hall


April 24