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You Gotta Regatta.

Tae Andrews | Friday, April 27, 2007

The Jolly Piggot, Fisher Hall’s flagship green vessel, lies in dry dock, tethered to a tree on the grass of South Quad as an announcement of the impending Fisher Regatta. The most visible of Fisher’s signature events, the Regatta has become a widely renowned campus tradition in its impressive history at Notre Dame. With each dorm constructing its own lake-bound vessels, inter-dorm rivalries, sailing skills (or lack thereof) and an overall sense of campus spirit come together in one wet and wild afternoon.

For our coverage of Saturday’s event, the Scene Section took the option (or mistake) of conducting a tag-team interview with Regatta co-commissioners Kevin Rabil and Will Kearney.

What’s different about this year’s Regatta from Regattas of past years?

Will: Well, this is the Regatta’s 21st birthday and, as we all know, that means we’ve got to celebrate like never before. Also, we are the best-looking commissioners in the history of Regatta, and we feel that is key to a successful Regatta and a successful life in general.

What’s the turnout you’re expecting for this year, both for spectators and competitors?

Kevin: This year we hope to get every single person on campus, nay, the world, to come and watch the event. Any celebrities that are in town are more than welcome to get some face-time on the local news.

All of the coolest dorms are competing in this year’s Regatta, with the few other dorms watching from the shore, crying.

How do you expect the Fisher boat(s) to fare in the competition?

Kevin: As with every year in the past, we are hoping for pure and utter domination in our signature event. This year we realized that size doesn’t always matter, and sometimes it’s the personality that gets it done. We are hoping for some more flair this year and some more wins.

What are some of the events/activities going on in Fisher leading up to the Regatta itself?

Will: Fred and Sally week is Fisher Hall’s signature week leading up to this Saturday’s Regatta. Each night, Fishermen gather for different events, which promote dorm unity and get everyone excited to throw down on Saturday. On Sunday, we had a grotto Mass with Pangborn, followed by a cookout.

We had a guest speaker, Assistant Athletic Director John Heisler, on Monday; section wars/roommate games on Tuesday; Red Mocks Awards on Wednesday, where every Fisherman gets made fun of for every embarrassing story of the year.

And on Thursday we rest up because we need all the energy possible to rock out at the Zoo on Friday. We also stress no homework throughout the week.

When did the “We…we are…we are Fisher…we are Fishermen!” chant start?

Kevin: A few years ago, there was a resident in Fisher given the name “Husky” and this was his cheer. From then on, we have called this chant the Husky cheer, and we can be heard throughout the Milky Way.

Sometimes, other galaxies call us up and say, “Nice cheer, guys.” And we say, “Thanks.” Then they say, “Hey what are you doing on Saturday?” And we said, “Well, we’ve got the Fisher Reg – ” That’s when we lost service.

What are some of the other distinct or different qualities about living in Fisher that separate it from the other dorms on campus?

Will: Fisher may not look like much, but she’s the flyest dorm on campus. Fisher was built as a temporary dorm back in 1952, and we all know that aesthetically it is a scar on the face of campus, but we have awesome dorm spirit and love where we are. And let’s be serious, chicks dig scars.

In conclusion, the dynamic duo said, “We hope everyone will come out and support a great cause. We are raising money for the Brother Andre House in Arizona. The Regatta will not disappoint – look forward to seeing you all there. Also, R. Kelly may or may not be performing (odds on no, but we’re still hoping).”

Regardless of whether or not some contemporary R & B artists make it out to campus for the event, the Fisher Regatta pushes off this Saturday afternoon. Float or fail, the event promises to be entertaining at the very least. After all, what would the end of April be without the Regatta?

Like the Piggot, the Fisher Regatta is up and running once again, thanks to the efforts of the intrepid Fishermen of Fisher Hall. Jolly good.