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Bring Dave Matthews to Campus

Mark Manley | Friday, September 28, 2007

We have until midnight October 15. Less than three weeks.AT&T is putting on a contest – The World’s Loudest Pep Rally. The college that sends the most invites in relation to its population will have the Dave Matthews Band come and play a concert at its campus. As of right now, Notre Dame is at No. 38, which means if we are to get Dave to play here, we need to mobilize fast. The best way? The following two-step process.First step: Join the Facebook group “Bring Dave Matthews Band to Notre Dame!!” The group simplifies the invite process, helps you out if you run into problems and makes you look a little cooler on the social networking site.Second step: Invite Dave. You need to follow the link provided by the Facebook group to attblueroom.com and register. You will then have to give your e-mail among other information. Do not be afraid, AT&T will not send you anything unless you go through the trouble of actually checking some boxes to ask for information to be sent to you.But the simplest way join in the invite process is to send text messages – a lot of text messages. Inviters are allowed to send out invitations up to 50 times per day, a fact of which Notre Dame needs to take full advantage. It may seem somewhat excessive, but if it means being able to tell your kids that you saw Dave Matthews Band in concert at Notre Dame, would you not be grateful for the opportunity? To invite via text message, simply text “DMB” to 959. The four other methods involve a little more work but give the added bonus of being entered concurrently into separate competitions with their own awards. These contests are for individuals rather than schools, and each competition supplies a winner with a trip for two, hotel accommodations and two VIP tickets to the concert. So even if Notre Dame does not win the overall competition, by no means is seeing Dave in concert out of reach for a talented student.These individual competitions are photo, movie, essay, and audio invites. Each entry will be judged on creativity (40 percent), humor and entertainment value (30 percent), and quality of delivery (30 percent). Submitting photos is an easy and fun way to invite, but choosing another medium might mean less competition and a higher chance of winning the individual competition.Whichever the ideal means of invitation, the fact remains that Notre Dame is still farther down the list than preferred, and we would not want to lose to Baylor, the U.S. Air Force Academy or the University of Tulsa who currently top the list. So here’s the game plan: One, join the Facebook group; two, register; three, text “DMB” to 959 as many times as you can. Lets bring Dave Matthews to campus