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Don’t ignore environment

Letter to the Editor | Monday, September 24, 2007

The lack of concern for the environment at this university is disgusting. We are among the top universities in this country, yet we are embarrassingly behind the times when it comes to such a serious subject as recycling. This is even more surprising given the fact that we are a prominent Catholic symbol.Along with a Catholic identity should come a level of respect for all of God’s creation. We all need to consider how our actions influence our relationships with each other, with future generations, and with God. This includes a level of respect for the environment. We were not granted absolute power and discretion to do whatever we want with what God gave us. Rather, we were entrusted to cultivate and watch over all of creation, including the natural world. (GEN 2:15-16).This being said, there are many ways to take action on campus. First, we need to revamp our extremely inadequate recycling system. The easiest way would be to simply place recycling containers next to every trash receptacle around campus. Easy access to recycling is needed at campus-wide events and on game days as well, during which large numbers of people throw things away.Initiatives for dorms to recycle should also be considered, due to the abundance of aluminum cans that end up in the garbage every weekend.A serious effort to take advantage of green architecture on campus must also be made. Green architecture is destined to become a very profitable industry in the coming years. Why not save the world and get rich at the same time? Not only should this field of study be taken seriously within our amazing Architecture program, but every new structure that is built on campus should be constructed using green architecture standards.Plenty more action can and should be taken on this campus to get up to date with the changing world and enact our moral obligations as responsible Catholics. We need to start by changing our mindset as a university and by realizing that all of our actions have consequences within God’s Kingdom.

Daniel CollinssophomoreAlumni HallSept. 20