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Fighting for our right to party

Jacqueline Collins | Thursday, September 6, 2007

I would like to applaud Tom Martin’s intrepid defense of the anti-South Bend Ordinance Movement (“Keep fighting ordinance,” Sept. 4). He makes an excellent correlation between people who protest unjust laws and those affected by those laws themselves, and I echo his admiration for the Darfur dining hall activists (who are, assuredly, all from Darfur themselves).

Andrea Laidman’s injunction to care about events and laws so far removed from our bubble is patently unreasonable (“You gotta fight for your right,” Sept. 3). However, we must keep in mind that even the terrorist liberals are part of our great Notre Dame family, and it falls upon us to help them reevaluate their priorities.

Perhaps we should take Martin’s commentary to the next logical step. Thanks to the ingenious wire-tapping laws that Laidman mentioned in her fulsome anti-freedom treatise, we can listen in on their devious schemes and easily determine likely candidates for reeducation.

It would be simple to get their names from the revolutionary hotbeds of the Progressive Student Alliance listserv, or the names of the students who have attended peace marches or pro-choice demonstrations. And of course, every owner of a Michael Moore movie has got to go. Jail the terrorist students, and when they have spent weeks without beer or 25-person parties, maybe they will appreciate the struggle of we patriotic youths, fighting for truth, justice and our right to party.

Jacqueline Collins


Pasquerilla East Hall

Sept. 4