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Hopes are high for new seasons

Cassie Belek | Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The new television season is upon us and I once again have certain dreams and expectations when it comes to my favorite characters and series.

Inevitably I will be disappointed by some of the developments (for example, when “Arrested Development” got cancelled or when Joey and Rachel got together on “Friends”). But the start of the new season offers me (and America) a new beginning and a new hope. So here is my 2007-2008 television season wish list. Television, don’t break my heart.

My first wish is by far the most important. Each season a truly amazing show flirts with cancellation due to a negligent audience who should really just listen to those television critics. Last season two such shows faced this dreadful fate, but thanks to the saving hand of ex-NBC President, Kevin Reilly, “30 Rock” and “Friday Night Lights” lived to see another day. I wish that these series live to see not just another day but another few seasons. The best comedy and best drama on television deserve a large and dedicated audience.

My second wish involves the campy and colorful “Ugly Betty.” Week after week we see Betty Suarez take her problems head on as she juggles her complicated home life and the unforgiving fashion world. But when does Betty get her happy ending? We not only had to suffer as the braces-clad heroine pined after cutie accountant Henry, but once their happiness was in arm’s reach, it was ripped away by Henry’s conniving ex-girlfriend. I wish for Betty’s happiness, even just for one or two episodes.

Although the single-camera sitcom is the hot new ticket, the traditional multi-camera sitcom is still fighting for predominance. I’m one to shun the multi-camera sitcom with its irritating laugh track, but I do make a special exception for “How I Met Your Mother.” It’s like “Friends,” but updated and a little truer to real life. In season two, the episode “Slap Bet” – by far one of the funniest episodes of television last season – gave us two delightful treats. The first was the introduction of the slap bet. Everyone loves watching a good slap.

The second treat was the revelation that friend Robin is actually a former Canadian teen pop princess who went by the name of Robin Sparkles. The full video for her hit single “Let’s Go to the Mall” is available online and it’s a doozy. I wish that season three brings us not only more slap bets, but more of Robin Sparkles’ glorious music.

And last but certainly not least, I have a very special wish concerning “The Office.” While much attention is devoted to Jim and Pam, my favorite “Office” relationship by far is Dwight and Angela’s. Season three introduced us to the multiple dimensions of their connection. While Jim and Pam have a somewhat dramatic relationship, Dwight and Angela offer us the most comedy out of their union. The two crazies found each other and, in the process, made the other less crazy. Therefore, my final wish for the new television season is a Dwangela baby. I can imagine the pair keeping their relationship a secret as Angela’s protruding belly enters each trimester. Priceless.

I doubt that all my wishes will come true. What is television without bitter disappointment? Television and I truly have a love-hate relationship at times, but hopefully it will do right by me this one time. Like Betty, I too deserve my television happy ending. Just don’t cancel “30 Rock” and “Friday Night Lights.” That would just force me to do something crazy, like get rid of my DVR. Television, don’t make me do it.