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In defense of North; Diversity matters

Letter to the Editor | Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Equality, liberty and fraternity. These are the tenets upon which North Dining Hall was founded.

Equality with, although distinct from, South Dining Hall. Surely, South Dining Hall boasts excellent pasta, diverse salad choices and consistently delicious grilled cheese sandwiches, but North offers students Fajita Fridays, make-your-own-pizza, crepes and easier cooked to order burgers. Although the food in South is all maintained in a central corral-like area, North’s sprawl makes for less clustering between lines.

Liberty, to make your own decisions on such weighty matters as ice-cream flavors. North always keeps five to six different choices in its freezers, while South is only equipped for four. In addition, North allows for the dissemination of free speech through its several convenient television sets.

Fraternity, in allowing assembly where and when you wish. North Dining Hall not only plays music at a reasonable level for conversation, but accommodates three distinct areas, so that student groups can be seated on the main level, the balconies or in the recessed television lounges. Perhaps it is only idle speculation on the author’s part, but the natural sunlight present in North Dining Hall seems to induce a warm, welcoming atmosphere of fellowship.

Notre Dame is founded on the belief that diversity and competition are the gateways to a better society. It would be a shame if tyrannical elements were allowed to undermine that sacred foundation. Diversity in students, diversity in faculty and diversity in dining hall choices are what make this University great. Tearing down North would lead to a more totalitarian state of uniformity on campus.

You’re not a totalitarian, are you?

John Minser


Siegfried Hall

Melissa Cruz


Cavanaugh Hall

Oscar Garcia


off campus

Sept. 10