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In defense of North: Tear down South

Letter to the Editor | Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Salutations to all students, faculty and staff of this fine University!

I offer an alternative to Mr. Timothy Gotcher’s article “Tear down North” (Sept. 10). Despite claiming South as a “true collegiate dining hall … systematically arranged for the benefit and satisfaction of all,” it is, in fact, the lesser of the two dining halls for three (quite obvious) reasons.

Despite the dining area’s allure to the Harry Potter fans here (myself included), eating dinner at South without a wand or broom is a traffic nightmare. With a dozen food stations crowded into the central room, it creates a veritable funnel of humanity, resulting in spills, chills and general discontent. North, with its separate rooms and pleasantly open, well-lit rooms, is a far better choice to experience the true pleasures of college dining.

Secondly, the food at South is far less satisfying than the offerings available at North. All a discerning food critic (or a picky eater!) needs to do is browse the rooms at North to discover such culinary treasures as pasta stir-fry, make-your-own pizzas, crepe weekends and, of course, Fajita Fridays!

Lastly, “Stone Age” South only has newspapers for information. North has long moved into the Technological Age by presenting both newspapers AND televisions, letting diners follow the latest news or football scores.

I therefore propose that South be torn down and replaced with a dining hall built to correct its flaws. This new dining hall would appropriately be named “North Dining Hall South” to acknowledge its lesser status. It would contain all the amenities its frequenters have grown to love, yet still be spacious enough to please all residents of the other half of campus. After all, it hasn’t been a real dinner until someone from Zahm knocks a cup down the stairs.

Nick Hussey


Keenan Hall

Sept. 10