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Column’s take on eating disorders sparks controversy

Letter to the Editor | Wednesday, October 3, 2007

It is not very often that I read something in the Viewpoint that has any major effect on me. However, when I read Greg Yatarola’s column (“Anorexia and the devil,” Oct. 2) I thought I might vomit. Probably surprisingly to Mr. Yatarola, it wasn’t because I felt a sudden compulsion to lose a few more pounds so that our tragically flawed society would accept me, or even because the main point of his column was so elusive that I got a bit dizzy after the fourth or so paragraph. No, despite being told by an apparently female-respecting writer that I “dress like an Amazon” simply to elicit male attentions or that the reason he doesn’t find me attractive is that my physique doesn’t “correlate positively with fertility” (what?), the thing that really got me was his nonchalant reference to partial-birth abortions in the opening paragraph.

You know what’s ironic to me, Greg? The fact that you claim to be concerned with the “health problems, physical and psychological” that stem from high beauty standards, and yet, you can still make a joke about sucking the brains from a human being that is only inches away from independent life. It wasn’t witty; it was sickening. I’ll let the more “clever folks” follow up on the rest of your column, if indeed they can tell what you were trying to say. But don’t expect me to be gaining a little weight in all the right places to attract your attentions any time soon. I don’t want them.

Kelly Horner


off campus

Oct. 2