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Comic in poor taste

Letter to the Editor | Thursday, October 11, 2007

In the comic “Tastes Like Failure,” printed on October 10th, the writers Rich Protiva and Andy Spangler reiterated an old stereotype we all have heard: Saint Mary’s women are stupid and sleazy.

You know, the funny thing about stereotypes is that even though they are frequently used in jest, they are developed by specific groups in a social structure to counteract feelings of intimidation from another group. Stereotypes are put into place by one party to oppress another.

Let’s use our beloved Irish as an example. Between the years of 1820 and 1880, nearly 3.5 million Irish women and men entered the United States. Stereotypes that all Irish were drunken and angry were developed by American citizens who felt that their jobs and welfare were being threatened by Irish immigrants.

Dare I suggest that those at Notre Dame who actually believe the Saint Mary’s “stupid and sleazy” stereotype are intimidated by the strong smart women who live across the street? Well, get over yourselves. We’re Saint Mary’s and we’re proud of our student body and rich heritage.

And for all of you who actually believe we at Saint Mary’s are “akademickly” inferior, the next time you attempt to get a taste of a strong, independent Saint Mary’s woman, I am going to predict it will “Taste Like Failure,” because if that is how you perceive me, I would not even talk to you for $299.00 per minute.

Audrey Ballinger


Saint Mary’s College

Oct. 11