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Comics not meant to be personal

Letter to the editor | Wednesday, October 17, 2007

In response to Jordan Beltz’s letter (“Belles: Give me a reason” Oct. 17). Thank you for finally bringing to the table the subject that everyone wants to talk about but is afraid to. We completely agree with your opinions.

We think that Saint Mary’s students should stop claiming Notre Dame as their school. They did not get into Notre Dame, they do not pay Notre Dame tuition, they do not have the same workload that Notre Dame students carry, but they do continue to steal our Notre Dame men, our Notre Dame football tickets, and the association with this University that they are not earning.

The comic strips poke fun not only at Saint Mary’s girls but at Notre Dame girls as well. Although some of us may get upset at the comic strips that make fun of the Notre Dame girls, most of us laugh it off because that’s what comic strips are there for. Why would somebody take a comic strip personally? Comic strips aren’t meant to be personal. And if you want to stop seeing yourselves made fun of in our comic strips then maybe stop making the stereotypes of Saint Mary’s girls a reality. You only bring it on yourselves. Stop complaining that you have such a bad reputation. The reason that reputation lives on is because of the way a lot of Saint Mary’s girls choose to act.

We personally did not have a bad impression of Saint Mary’s coming into Notre Dame, but the longer we’re here, the worse our impression gets. There’s a reason Notre Dame girls don’t like you. We know that not every Saint Mary’s girl necessarily acts in this manner, but it’s the ones that do who ruin it for the rest of the student body.

We’re not trying to make enemies out of any Saint Mary’s girls, but we do think you need a serious wake-up call about how you’re portraying yourselves and the bad impressions you’re giving off to everyone else.

Katie O’Connor

Alex Chavez


Farley Hall

Oct. 17