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Enough is enough

Letter to the Editor | Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Observer claims to serve Notre Dame and Saint Mary’s. But, how well can it serve Saint Mary’s when its contributors, up to and including Rich Protiva and Andy Spangler of “Tastes Like Failure,” continually disparage the women who attend Saint Mary’s?

I am a graduate of Notre Dame who has worked at Saint Mary’s for more than a decade. During my time on both sides of Route 933, I have seen and heard Saint Mary’s women put down and abused by their Notre Dame neighbors. You think you’re being clever or self righteous, but I have to tell you, the comments just get more bitter and vile as the years go by. And they get old. Your hate speech reveals not only a lack of maturity and good taste, but often outright misogyny. It includes not only the cartoons, but also letters to the editor that begrudge Saint Mary’s participation in the “Notre Dame community.”

Obviously, the editors of the Observer either: 1) are unwilling or unable to control the degrading content in the paper; or 2) condone the anti-Saint Mary’s content. Either way, I am ashamed to see this is still happening 20 years after I graduated. You belittle yourselves and our university’s reputation by continuing to resurrect these offensive stereotypes and misconceptions. Enough is enough. It’s time to grow up, Notre Dame, and show some class.

Elizabeth KarleClass of 1985South BendOct. 15