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Holy Cross community

Letter to the editor | Wednesday, October 17, 2007

This is not a response to the comics – as far as I’m concerned, they were never (and still aren’t) worthy of a response. Since we’ve opened the issue, however, I feel compelled to respond to the personal views expressed in Viewpoint, namely those of Jordan Beltz (“Belles: Give me a reason” Oct. 17). Saint Mary’s women read this paper and its comics because The Observer is supposedly “serving Notre Dame and Saint Mary’s” and we have every right to do so. We read to find out about events at our own college, not just at Notre Dame. Saint Mary’s already exists on its own: We are a warm and vibrant community, and we are proud of our school, its incredible faculty, rich traditions, and exceptional women.

We do not break ties from the University because our schools have been inextricably linked since Blessed Basil Moreau first envisioned this community. We, along with Holy Cross College, build upon the Holy Cross foundation together with Notre Dame. Saint Mary’s College neither expects Notre Dame to pander to our students, nor do we need them to – we simply expect to be treated with the respect and dignity that we deserve as sisters in the Holy Cross community.

Our women thrive within our Saint Mary’s community academically, athletically, and spiritually. A great number of our women simply don’t have the time or desire to even venture across the street, and thus remain wholly unseen by the Notre Dame community. Those of us who go over to Notre Dame regularly do so largely to share in a different style of Mass, take part in an organization that’s unique to a larger school, pray at the Grotto, or visit some of the many wonderful and accepting students we’ve encountered at the University. I am not so blind as to claim that the negative stereotypes have been pulled from air – there are women among us whose behavior can reaffirm the frustrating images associated with Saint Mary’s. However, they are merely a small percentage of our population.

So many Domers already know the truth in my assertions and ignore the negative stereotypes of Saint Mary’s women. But the others – like Jordan Beltz – have already made up their minds not to even give us a chance. And honestly, these close-minded judgments go both ways. I have witnessed firsthand the disrespect shown by both students of Notre Dame as well as Saint Mary’s toward the other, and it needs to stop. Let’s let the comics be (and really, they’re just comics), and focus instead on all that we can gain if only we learn to treat each person, regardless of school identity, as a brother or sister in Christ.

Sarah King


McCandless Hall

Oct. 17