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The best campus job

Letter to the Editor | Monday, October 1, 2007

A couple of weeks ago, The Observer’s question of the day was “What’s the best job on campus?” Surprisingly, none of the students polled chose the night shift pool operator at Rolfs Aquatic Center. That’s my job, and it is indeed the best job on campus.

What makes it so great? There’s the facility itself. The Rolfs pool is a gorgeous full 50 meters, filled with nearly one million gallons of cool, crystal clear (with just a hint of Caribbean blue), Perrier quality water. Those in the trade have referred it to as the “Jewel of the Midwest.” Working to keep it so beautiful is extremely satisfying.

Then there are the students. You meet a lot of them on this job: Athletes and those employed as lifeguards and issue room personnel. What wonderful young adults! It’s a pleasure working with them, and knowing that they’re going out into the world gives me more hope for the future of our country than anything else.

Finally there is the inherently noble nature of the work. Every night I do battle against countless hordes of fungi, bacteria and other germs. They are a foul lot that would do harm to those same good students and other patrons. I must fight this invading army alone. Even so, I slay them by the millions to keep the facility safe! I know what you’re thinking: “It must take a mighty warrior to do that job.” No comment.

So, University president? Landscaper? Professor? Vending machine stocker? Yes, yes, all very nice and highly coveted positions, but can any of them really claim to be the best job on campus? No! Mine is!

Larry LeMairenight shift pool operatorRolfs Aquatic CenterSept. 27