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Tradition unites schools

Letter to the editor | Wednesday, October 17, 2007

This letter is in response to Jordan Beltz’s letter, “Belles: Give me a reason” (Oct. 17). Jordan, your comments represent the most ignorant point of view I have ever seen on this campus. The involvement of Saint Mary’s students at Notre Dame seemed obvious to me, but I will spell it out for you.

Tradition: Saint Mary’s was founded only two years after Notre Dame. Ever since the conception of our university, Saint Mary’s has been there with us. Throughout history, the students at both schools have been able to participate in each other’s activities. Coming from the school where tradition might matter most out of any school in the country, it would not be unreasonable to expect you to realize this on your own.

Involvement: Saint Mary’s students and Notre Dame students share each other’s clubs and activities. Both Saint Mary’s and Holy Cross send students to participate in our marching band. I assume (like most here) that you enjoy football game days. Without those two schools’ involvement, our band would not be the same. Our band is great partially because of its size. If you take away those students, our band just simply is not quite as good. The student section then would not be able to hear the band as clearly. How would you like to never do the jig?

There are many examples of Notre Dame students taking classes at Saint Mary’s because the classes simply are not offered here. You might have never done this, but it is surely important to some students here on campus.

Jordan, you make a point about comics poking fun at every group on campus. As an engineer, I am not offended at someone making fun of engineers, but that is my opinion.

This teasing is much different than making fun of a group that cannot change its identity. Making fun of women is no better than making fun of a race.

I am sure that people would be extremely offended if the comic made a derogatory comment about a specific race, so tell me, how is this different? It’s not. I suggest you reexamine your point of view and put yourself in their place. You would be offended, too.

Saint Mary’s students are an integral part of this university and students on both sides share each others activities, time, and fun. There’s a reason they are called our sister school. Comics should be funny, not offensive. Comics in your paper at home are not offensive yet are still humorous.

Why, then, should our comic writers feel the need to be offensive? Is it because they cannot think of anything amusing without being offensive? I hope it became a little clearer why Saint Mary’s plays such an important role in our school.

Todd Henkel


Knott Hall

Oct. 17